Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Iran
Out Of

We can only hope. (Thanks to Rocketsbrain for passing this along):

MASS RIOTING Against the Regime in Iran!

RIOTING IN IRAN!!The latest gas crisis has the people rioting against the Regime!** Report: Upset crowds set fire to some 50 gas stations in Tehran!** Another Report: ";The Situation is Out of Control!"Some youths hurled stones and chanted, "Guns, fireworks, tanks, (President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad should be killed", the witness said- Free Republic .

Winston is getting first hand reports on the situation:

I am getting some first hand reports from inside of Iran about the situation resulted from fuel ration policy which will go into effect as of tonight midnight (local time) through out the country.Angry people have blocked the main highway in Tehran and several serious clashes have occurred in gas stations across the capital. The amount of anger among the people is such that police forces have refused to intervene in some parts of the city where roads are blocked and people have shattered the buildings' windows. And some reports indicate that 50 petrol stations were set ablaze in Tehran alone and at least 3 people died in the clashes.