Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Is My Hero

Watch this video and see why. Watch, as Avi Lewis, a liberal Canadian, interviews Hirsi Ali, and scoffs at her critique of Islam, and her notions of Democracy in general, and America in specific.

Now, if you are interested, listen to this interview with my wife, as she tells about her move to America, as a little girl, and she and I talk about some of the American immigrants we know personally, who have become fabulously wealthy.

This idea that there is no more opportunity in America really burns me, because as a man who is married to a first-generation immigrant, I have seen the evidence of America's opportunity first-hand.

Think back on Hirsi Ali's answer to Avi Lewis:

"You can spit on Democracy, because you had the luxury of growing up in its freedoms."

Yes, that's true. Too many of us have become cynical, and ungrateful for what we have.