Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eight Jews Left In Baghdad

What has to happen before our world will wake up? If you don't understand the sheer evil of Islam (as it is laced with Islamofascism), then here is an example. We free a people to do what they want, and they persecute Christians, and expel Jews.

From Time Magazine, by way of Atlas Shrugs:

The Last Jews of Baghdad
TIME Magazine

Baghdad was once one of the great cradles of Jewish culture and wisdom, but now, according to the Christian priest who has been looking after them, there are only eight Jews left in the Iraqi capital, and their situation is "more than desperate." The Rev. Canon Andrew White, the Anglican chaplain to Iraq, says that the small group is in considerable danger. However, the community has been unable to agree to emigrate as a whole. Some of its members, without identifying themselves as Jews, have attempted to leave individually, but have been turned down. White says that only one of the Jews, a woman, still regularly goes to a Baghdad synagogue, though he will give no details.