Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Truth Is ...

In a moment of candor, I would like to admit that I am a member of a large clandestine organization (which helps to fund me, and sets my agenda). It is called:

Big Tobacco, Wal-Mart Apologizing, Global Warming-Supporters, Who Are Doing It All To Kill Innocent Iraqis.

Special Agent Coretta recently sent me the following transmission:

I was down in Kennebunkport this weekend for a counter protest with Gathering of Eagles, and the anti-war anti-American leftitsts showed up as well. These "Liberals" when they passed by us in their parade made it a point to tell me how I should think by saying I should be ashamed of myself for the group I was standing with and proudly standing with too.

When they would say that to me, I said to them, "Don't blame me that you don't have any common sense," and I would touch my head and say, "I let this define," - and then I touched my skin - "not this."

(Coretta is a woman of color.)

These Liberals like to talk out against racism, when in fact they are some of the most racist people around. Also what a condescending attitude. How dare I think different. As a woman of color a hatred of America should come automaticallly to me. Hating Republicans should come automaticallyfor me. Hating all wars should come automatically to me.

I will NEVER hate America. I live in the greatest country in theworld. I'm forever grateful to the Republican party. MY party which was formed to free the slaves, and has, and still does stand for the rights of individuals as people, and treats them with respect. And I'm thankful for our military. We wish we could live in a war free world, but unfortneately we don't.

We have chants we say at these protests. "War freed the slaves. War saved the Jews."

There are times when war is necessary.