Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad And
The Astounding Ignorance Of
The Global Community

Sorry to be cynical, but what an amazingly stupid world we live in:

If you’re tempted to think that Ahmadinejad’s Columbia appearance discredited him, and that most people around the world saw through his lies and evasions and now have a deeper understanding of Iran’s schemes as a result, think again.

The president of Iran had a wonderful chance at Columbia to act as the more
educated and civil person, and he used that chance.

America needs to
recognize that Iran’s hostilities will not falter as long as ours hold so high.
A little bit of trust could make them no longer have desire to use the weapons
they may or may not have. Unless the west intends on starting a war, it may be
beneficial to placate them, otherwise we won’t make any progress whatsoever.

Columbia wasted a good chance there.

Galen, Connecticut, USA


The reactions and actions of American unlearned society and
their institutional behaviour at Columbia University shows how arrogant
Americans are. American education is geared toward bully rather than the pursuit
of knowledge. By insulting Ahmadinejad Americans have shown the world their
shallow, hallow cognition. I had predicted this would happen. American politics,
civil administration and social institutions are intertwined. You are with us or
against us is the thinking. What a dementia hell

Obwota Omwony, Magwi,


America attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and achieved
nothing! and you are calling the Iranian president a terrorist! America was all
too happy to snuggle up to Iran when the shah was in power and acted deaf dumb
and blind while he slaughtered his people! or did you all forget that, i suppose
you are all still hung up about the whole American Embassy fiasco! but your
quick to forget your government is responsible for deaths of 1000s of innocent
Iraqi civilians because of the so called war on terror

Kawther Al-Aaraji


This was not an invitation to embrace freedom of speech. It
was a propaganda campaign organized by Mr. Bollinger and co. - one which they
lost to Ahmadinejad. How can the president of a famous university be so
“astonishingly uneducated” as to take it upon himself to dictate to his audience
what to think of his guest? Is this freedom of thought, common courtsey?
Rather than insulting a nation by insulting its elected president, Mr.
Bollinger should take a look at his own president right at home.



The Iranian President’s visit to the U.S. has served
to help Americans understand Iran’s perspective on various issues and also
Iranians in general better. There should be more of these types of cultural
exchanges to foster understanding between the two sides. I think that the
Iranian President was bold in taking this step and I hope Americans recognize
this fact.

Brijesh Shah, New York, United States


Although Ahmadinejad (AJad) is no saint, he managed to score some very
good points. He stayed composed in the face of childish insults from
Bolwinkel:),he made some very good points on hypocrisy of US with regards to
terrorits & Nuclear issue. As he pointed out, US has designated the MEK as a
terrorist organization yet it harbors them in Iraq because they serve its
purpose. AJad’s speech showed the hypocrisy of the West and media that were
trying so hard to discredit him by spinning the outcome!

Bahram, San

There are currently 31 pages of this stuff at the BBC web site, overwhelmingly in favor of Ahmadinejad. The comments above are just from the first page.