Sunday, September 30, 2007

Officer Marsh -
Shot And Maimed
For No Reason At All

A friend of mine sent this over to me the other day. It seems a worthwhile cause to me. Policemen and women see the worst side of life all the time. They go to work and lay their lives on the line for our protection. Sometimes, they are maimed or killed by savages for almost no reason at all.

That appears to be what happened in this case. Read on:

On October 27, 2006 Officer Danita Marsh, a Black female Nashville (TN) police officer, was ambushed while sitting in her patrol vehicle trying to assist a domestic violence victim. That fateful day changed a lot of lives. It changed Danita's Marsh's life forever. She is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Officer Marsh, like countless other officers suit up everyday to go out to our city streets to keep the peace, insure decorum, and try to keep our families safe. Let's show Officer Marsh that we appreciate her and her commitment to service.

We are one big extended family. We've asked Extreme Makeover-Home Edition to assist Officer Marsh in achieving her goal that she vowed to walk again.

Show how much you believe in that goal by putting your name down to let ABC Producers know that we want this story of courage and determination to make the show for a newly built house for Danita Marsh and her son, to meet their special needs.

When you forward, please scroll down to add your name, city & zip. We need at least 500 names or more. Send it to everyone you know.The 500th person will forward the list to


The list will be mailed to ABC-TV.