Friday, September 07, 2007

The Thinking
Blogger Awards

So, my friend Lady Vorzheva nominated me for a "Thinking Blogger Award".

I like that idea.

I think this is the second year in a row I have been nominated. And then, those who receive the nomination probably take a look at my blog and think silently to themselve, "WTF? This guy? A thinker?"

Anyway, as one who is nominated, it is my responsibility to nominate others as well. Let's see, who are the newer bloggers I am reading these days.

Well first off, let's give props where props are due:

1) Pamela at Atlas Shrugs. My bud and inspiration.

2) Jeremaykovka at Jeremayakovka. Fighting lonely battles 24/7.

3) Rick Darby at Reflecting Light. A unique, and tremendously thoughtful, blog in the counter-Jihad movement.

4) UP Pompeii, written with passion by Gandalf, one of the few British warriors who makes himself known at this point in time.

5) Drunken Blogging by Jonz. Jonz is, like Pamela, a friend and an inspiration to me. Check him out.