Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dubai, "Logistics", Real Estate, And Hitler

Remember some months back when that Dubai-based company tried to buy into the American port business, and our Congressman and media-overlords told we Americans who were disturbed by such a prospect that there was no need to worry?

Remember that?

Well, I'm thinking there was need to worry. Call me crazy, but this disturbs me (from LGF):

A Dubai-based sister company of DP World, who tried to buy a controlling interest in America’s seaports, has now purchased 1,300 acres of land in South Carolina, to be developed into a logistics center and business park.

ORANGEBURG, SC (AP) - A Dubai-based company looking to build a logistics
center and business park in Orangeburg County has purchased about 1,300 acres of
land near Santee.

Jafza International managing director Chuck Heath says the company
thinks Orangeburg has the potential to become a major logistical hub in the
United States.

Jafza officials will begin negotiating the details of its investment
with state and local officials in the next few weeks. The company says it plans
to invest about $600 million and ultimately hire about 8,000 workers.

Jafza International is a sister company of DP World, which initially
won federal approval last year to run six major US ports before congressional
objections caused the deal to fall through.

By the way, what is a "logistics center"? Is there a formal definition of that term? Because, if there isn't then, I must admit. the term creeps me out.

Dubai is a major city in the United Arab Emirates. What else goes on in Dubai, UAE? Well, real estate companies use images of Adolf Hitler to sell homes.

See, there's nothing to worry about. A country where it is considered normal to adulate Adolf Hitler isn't dangerous, right?