Thursday, October 25, 2007

And The

My friend Olivia sent me this article, from the American Thinker, about the European Union wanting to become a world power.

To be frank, I scoff at the very prospect. The EU can't even control its own population; neither its immigrants (especially the Muslims), nor its native population, who are more likely to go fascist, if you ask me.

However, I am willing to entertain interesting ideas here at CUANAS.

Olivia combined the ideas in the above-mentioned American Thinker article with the notion of a EU-sponsored "Supra-Religion" presented in this article.

Actually, I can imagine the EU proposing such an idea; a Supra-Religion which would work as an arbitrer of all religious ideas and rituals, a kind of UN of Religions.

However, I don't think anyone will accept it. The European soil cries out with the blood of those who fought to make Europe into the birthplace of modern civilization. No one will be able to quiet the screams of the blood of the ancestors. And, the blood cries for more blood; the blood of anyone who would come and try to take European soil away from Europeans.

In Europe, the notion of religion is tied to the notion or terra, of land. There is no getting past that. Anyone who attempts to encroach upon the psychic territory occupied by the various national religions of Europe will meet a mightier foe than they can imagine.

Europeans have had enough. The European Union will soon fall, and with it will fall the system of protection afforded to those who would take Europe away from Europeans.

The only question is, can a new party be established, soon enough, which will stand for Freedom and Human Rights, so that innocent minorities will be protected from the blood-lettting.

Will this happen? Will this political party be formed?

It is up to all of us, even us Americans. We must ride like Paul Revere through the streets, crying, "The Islamofascists are coming. The Islamofascists are coming."