Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Lord Doth Work In Mysterious Ways

The other day, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice made a very strange decision. She decided that, because she has not been able to figure out how to solve the Middle East Crisis thus far, she would turn, for answers, to the two Presidents whose respective foreign policies got us into the mess we're in now.

Sometimes, when very strange (ironic?) things happen in the world, one has to wonder if the hand of God is at work? Is He preparing some revelation for us?

Gerald Honigman thinks so:

The Lord Doth Work In Strange Ways
by Gerald A. Honigman

But, is Israel watching?

Recently, with problems on the horizon for President Bush and Secretary Rice's proposed Middle East peace (of the grave) summit, Condi stated that she'd turn for advice to two former Presidents.

I'm convinced that this was a Divine, eleventh hour wake up call for Israel.

Now who, pray tell, is Condi turning to for such consultations?

Let's take them one at a time…

Firstly, there's Jimmy "Apartheid Israel" Carter, whose Carter Center and such receives a fortune in Arab donations…including from Osama bin Laden's own Saudi cousins.

Arabs commit genocide against black Africans in the Sudan, butcher and gas Kurds, murder and burn down churches of Egyptian Copts, murder and subjugate North African Berbers, and so forth, but Mr. Peanut's high power lens of moral scrutiny can only find an admittedly imperfect Israel --which has Arabs who side with Hamas in its own Parliament--to focus upon. Not to mention the one half of Israel's Jews who fled so-called "Arab" lands, where they were commonly known as kilab yahud…Jew dogs.

Knowing full well that after the '67 Six Day War, Israel was not required to return to the status quo ante (i.e., the '49 U.N.-imposed armistice lines, which simply marked the spot where the fighting stopped and which made Israel virtually invisible on a map of the world and a constant temptation to its enemies), as President Ronald Reagan, Secretary of State George Shultz, and other American officials fully understood, Carter pretends otherwise. He claims Judeans wanting to live in Judea is racism, and insists that Judea and Samaria--known by this long before British imperialism renamed it the "West Bank"--must become Judenrein…free of Jews. He also sees Israel's attempts to stop the atrocities committed against its innocents as the moral equivalent of Arabs blowing up buses, restaurants, teen night clubs, and such.

Indeed, Mr. Peanut has never met an Arab disemboweler of Jewish babes whom he didn't have an excuse for.

And he's one of the two seers Condi seeks advice from.

Not that Condi doesn't know how to twist Jew arms herself, mind you.

Her blow ups on Sharon's own ranch and such are legendary. The Jews weren't caving in fast enough for her Arab buddies. And remember those arms she wanted the Jews themselves to supply to those moderate Arafatian good cops in Fatah? The bad cops in Hamas say thank you for them now…

Like it makes a difference to Israel in the long term which one gets them.

Is anybody conscious over there?

What will it take to get new Israeli elections underway and to get new folks who aren't afraid to say no on the scene?

This is one party that Israel must either stay away from or have the right folks attend. Since the right folks aren't at the helm right now, then…

All Israel can expect from such a summit are results Condi's Seer # 2 can claim credit for.
The President who disgraced America as well as the White House--and I voted both for Carter in '76 (he had good environmental policies) and for Clinton--had Arafat to the White House repeatedly. You know, that same Arafat who, under Clinton's watch, America constantly covered up for and who claimed that the Arab mother--the source for suicide/homicide bombers--was his best weapon.

Under Clinton's watch, Israel was forced to give and give and give to the Arabs in the Oslo Accords--and got non-stop barbarism and death in return.

At Camp David 2000, in attempt to redeem his legacy, Clinton continued Carter's one-sided arm twisting and forced Israel to agree to relinquish it's right to the secure and recognized borders it was entitled to via United Nations Security Council Resolution 242.

Forget about those who shoot the bull and claim 242 was "ambiguous."

Not so.

All the architects--Lord Caradon, Eugene Rostow, and so forth agree that Israel was not expected to return to the '49 Auschwitz /armistice lines. And any withdrawal at all was to be made in the context of real peace agreements…not temporary ceasefires designed only to gain time for Arabs until their next attempt on the life of the Jew of the Nations.

We hear consistently that Arabs threaten not to attend the party either unless the Jews once again agree--as Prime Minister Barak did for Mr. Degenerate at Camp David and Taba--to give away the store.

I'm convinced that Israel now has its legitimate response handed to it…if it will only pay attention to its senses and to Heaven's most recent alert, courtesy of an American Secretary of State.

Dubya and Condi would never consent to such a deal for America that it expects to force down Israel's throat or up somewhere else. And America is a nation of over three hundred million people, in a land three thousand miles wide, and with two vast oceans separating it from its enemies.

That Mr. Peanut and Mr. Degenerate are Condi's last minute guiding lights should tell any Israeli with functioning neurons what's in store at Annapolis as yet another American President, George W. Bush, attempts to regain his declining popularity as he leaves office with Jews paying the price in blood.