Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bush And Olmert To Hold Private Meeting On Iran

Ahmadinejad is saying the Annapolist Conference is a failure, though it just started. However, I think he and I agree on that. Additionally, old Mahmoud says Israel will "collapse."

Well- chosen words. Better than saying Israel will be "wiped off the map."

But still, probably not enough to get him out of trouble, considering George Bush and Israeli President Ehud Olmert will be holding a "private" meeting on what to do about Iran:

Having depicted the wide Arab participation in Tuesday's Annapolis summit as a sort of victory for Middle East moderation over Iranian opposition, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will hold his second private White House meeting of the week with President George Bush on Wednesday to try to translate the summit's momentum into a more effective effort to thwart Teheran's nuclear drive.