Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Current Efforts
To Get Israel
To Give Up
More Land
Will End
In Death
And Destruction

Why would I say that? Well, tell me, when has Israel ever given up more land when it did not end in death and destruction.

Read this, by Ted Belman from Israpundit:

Make no mistake about it, Annapolis (a "peace" summit arranged by the Bush Administration) represents a mortal danger to
Israel and the Jewish people. We don t have to know how and when the
peace process train will reach its destination. Once you are on the
deportation train, it is too late. It is enough to know the
destination is Auschwitz borders and behind such borders lies

The Jewish remnant in the Warsaw Ghetto, when hearing of the death of
300,000 Jews deported from the ghetto, decided to go down fighting
rather than to go to their deaths like sheep. And fight they did.

We know where Annapolis is taking us to, namely; Auschwitz borders,
expulsion and deportation of 200,000 Jews and the division of
Jerusalem with the Holy Basin under the control of the Muslims. Need
we know more?

And for what? Certainly not recognition as a Jewish state, certainly
not an end of conflict agreement with all Muslim nations, certainly
not a more secure future.

In the words of the PA;

1. The Annapolis declaration will include Palestinian recognition of
Israel but not as a Jewish state.

2. The boundaries of the future Palestinian state will follow the
pre-1967 War lines with minor adjustments through territorial swaps.
A few hundreds of square meters may be offered on the West Bank in
return for areas in central Israel, not the Negev.

3. Palestinian sovereignty over Temple Mount, the holiest shrine of
the Jewish people, must be undivided and include the Jewish place of
worship at the Western Wall.

4. The right of return for 1948 refugees is absolute and

5. The future Palestinian state will enjoy full sovereignty,
including its air and electromagnetic space and underground
resources, such as water.

6. Negotiations after the Annapolis conference must be concluded by
Aug. 2008..

We also know that the people we are ceding our security to are
latter day Nazis who are the inheritors of the final solution. Forty
years ago they wanted to throw us into the sea. Today they want to
wipe us off the face of the map.

The state of Israel is a Jewish enterprise not an Israeli enterprise.
It was promised to the Jews not to Israelis. We must assert our rights
as a people. We cannot avoid responsibility by hiding behind the duly
elected government of Israel . It doesn t represent us Jews and it
doesn t represent the majority of Israelis. There is nothing to

The Jewish habit of arguing "on the one hand" and "on the other hand"
must stop. Even Tevia, the quintessential Jew, in Fiddler on the Roof,
knew enough to declare, in some matters, There is no other hand. .

Yeddin, draw the line and fight. Now, not later.

The "right of return" for those who don't know is the phrase the Palestinian Authority uses for the idea that all the descendents of anyone who ever lived in Palestinian, ever in history, ought to have the right to live in Israel.

According to the Palestinian Authority, these people number in the millions. Israel, as a Jewish state, would be overwhelmed if they were to accede to such a "right." Jews would become a demographic minority in their own land, and the whole reason for Israel to exist (so that Jews could govern themselves, rather than having to live at the approval or disapproval of the world's antisemites) would be lost.

It is likely, given how Hamas feels about the Jews, that there would be a genocide of the Jews.

The last time the Jews gave land to the Palestinians, every Jew was forced to leave their homes in Gaza. The Israelis even had to dig up their dead, so the Palestinians would not desecrate their graves.

These are the facts on the ground in Israel and the Palestinian territories. If you know them, they make all talk of peace sound like the barking of hyeanas. But, of course, most don't know the facts. And so, most will reach for the panacea of "peace."

And, if such a "peace" were to be achieved, the Jews would have to pay for it in blood.

Never again.