Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nazi Band Coming To A Venue Near You

From 1389 Blog:

Croatian rock star Marko Perkovic ‘Thompson’ has just begun a US-Canadian tour, with two concerts in New York (Nov. 2 and 3), followed by concerts in Toronto (Nov. 4, reportedly cancelled), Cleveland (Nov. 9), Chicago (Nov. 10), Los Angeles (Nov. 11), Vancouver (Nov. 16), and San Francisco (Nov. 18.) Full details are in footnote [1].

Emperor’s Clothes has
proven that Thompson is a self-declared Ustasha - a Croatian clerical-fascist. (Clerical-fascist ideology indoctrinates with a mixture of Nazi-type racism and Catholic religious fanaticism.) The Ustasha movement murdered over a million people from 1941-1945. The overwhelming majority were Serbs (Slavs who are Orthodox Christian, i.e., non-Catholic), but they also killed most Jews and Roma (’Gypsies’) in the greater Croatia that they ruled.

It is chilling that one can find videos on Youtube, such as the one below, in which people at Thompson’s June 2007 concert in Zagreb, Croatia, are heard chanting “Ubij, Ubij, Ubij Serbina.” It means “Kill, kill, kill a Serb.”

This tour by Thompson’s band, also called ‘Thompson’ (after the Thompson submachine gun), has produced justified outrage. It is an attempt to legitimize clerical-fascism. If Thompson - whose politics would logically lead to the murder of millions of North Americans, including African-Americans and other so-called ‘non-whites,’ Jews, people of Serbian descent and others of the Orthodox Christian faith, progressives, and anyone (teachers? trade unionists?) who dared to resist the clerical-fascists - if Thompson can carry out this tour successfully, it will be a victory for fascism.

Information about where to complain is at the top of the above TENC article. (The US State Department email form works only part of the time, but you can always use the address or phone number.)

Information about the concert schedule is in footnote 1 in the above article.