Monday, November 19, 2007

The United Nations Is Dominated By Thugs

Every country in the world has a vote in the United Nations. Human Rights abusers like Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Nigeria, North Korea, China, and Iran, all have a vote.

How can anything be reformed when the abusers themselves sit on the commitees which are charged with fixing a given problem?

A conference is being held in Manhattan called "Eye On The U.N." The conference is being held to shine a light on the inequities and abuses of the United Nations, and to discuss what, if anything, can be done about it.

Pamela, from Atlas Shrugs, is reporting. First up, Herb London, President of the Hudson Institute:

Jewish blood does not count and that is very obvious in every single
decision that is made in teh United Nations today. UN policy is now a policy
organized largely by these these Muslim states [OIC] organized for one purpose
anti-American activities and anti-Israel activities.

The misguided view of many Americans about the UN, includes many Jews I
might add, the business of brotherhood of man, the flags wave, children come in
buses to the United Nations thinking this a a place organized for a ostensible
purpose - to bring about peaceful understanding among peoples. And yet it is
very very different.

The Human Rights council has become laughable.................

The Human Rights Council exists for one purpose and that is to support nations that
violate human rights."

The UN still has no definition of terrorism. The UN's
Counter-Terrorism Committee
(CTC) has never
named a single state sponsor of terrorism, individual terrorist or terrorist

The UN has been unable to adopt a comprehensive convention against
terrorism. The Organization of the Islamic Conference insists blowing up
Israelis and Americans in the name of self-determination doesn't count.

The Security Council serves as the conduit for Palestinian claims that terrorists are martyrs.

Anne Bayefsky, spoke next and presented the abysmal record of Israel bashing, resolution after resolution against the Jewish state.

"The UN human rights system has been irrevocably hijacked, corrupted and
lost to those who stand to gain the most from its demise. The death throes have
been evident for some time. But in many ways, events, only this last Friday,
plunbed new depths of depravity. The General Assembly committee charged with
humanitarian affairs whose decisions are rubber stamped by the Assembly plenary
declared that Israel would be the only UN member state subject to permament
agenda item of the human rights council."

The vote 168 for and 7 against was met with a round of applause."

Jew hating at its finest. This is the "reformed" UN.

"This is the real UN. Less than 50% of members are fully
democratic.There are 192 members of the general assembly. 117 belong to
the so called non aligned movement (NAM). And the largest single voting bloc of
the NAM is made up of the 56 nations of the Organization of the Islamic