Sunday, December 09, 2007

The NIE Report -
The American
Government I
The Holocaust
All Over Again

While the Jews were being railroaded to their death during World War II, good people did nothing. England did nothing to help. America did nothing to help. Christians did almost nothing.

Yid With Lid says it looks as if the same thing is happening all over again, and I agree:

Sixty-five ago, FDR and his team showed calculated indifference towards the Jews, thwarted efforts to rescue them and and closed the borders to Hitler’s victims. There are indeed lessons to be learned from how the Allies ignored the Nazi genocide---- because when you consider the NIE report from last week, and the fact that the US is now negotiating with Iran it looks as if it is happening all over again.

By 1942 Hitler’s evil plan to murder the Jewish People was known all over the world. U.S. newspapers published eyewitness reports from Warsaw, Poland that 700,000 Polish Jews had been massacred. In the summer of 1942, Dr. Gerhart Riegner, a Jewish leader in Switzerland, got a hold of a secret communication from Germany that documented the “Final Solution,” including the chosen method – Zyklon B gas. The State Department suppressed the report for months (they "loved" the Jews even then). R. Borden Reams, the State Department Specialist on Jewish Issues, said at the time that if the reports got ot, “the way will then be open for further pressure from interested groups for action that might affect the war effort. Six months later, the State Department went so far as to cut off all reports “of that sort” from Switzerland.

In late 1942, FDR released a statement that there would be no Allied reprisals for Nazi war crimes. Over the next year, FDR refused to meet with Jewish leaders and never once mentioned the Jews in his weekly press conferences.

Read the whole thing.

Today my Pastor said, "Sometimes I wonder what one person like me, an American living in Orange County, California, can do about Darfur."

Here's the answer, since my Pastor doesn't know. We can speak up and tell the truth.

Doing something about Darfur, or about Iran is a matter of political will. Pastors have a pulpit from which they reach hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. If those people were mobilized and angry, they would pressure their Congressmen and Senators, and something would be done.

Interestingly enough, the problem is the same in both cases, Iran and Darfur. The problem is Islam. In Darfur, the Islamic government is killing the Christians, Animists, and Sufis (Sufism is a peaceful brand of Islam). In Iran, the President is threatening to wipe Israel off the map. In both cases, Muslim governments are doing these things because they believe their religion calls for them to act in this way. And, the Koran backs them up on their beliefs.

Hey look, if I can speak up and tell the truth, certainly my Pastor can do so also. Or, at least, so you'd think.