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Europe Losing Faith In Its Future

I must say, I am also losing faith in Europe's future. I want Europe to survive, in fact, I still think it will pull it out at the last moment, but it is looking awfully bleack.

Pope Benedict thinks so too:

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Europe appears to be losing faith in its own future, Pope Benedict XVI said Saturday, warning against "dangerous individualism" on a continent where many people are having fewer children.

"One must unfortunately note that Europe seems to be going down a road which could lead it to take its leave from history," the pontiff told bishops in Rome for ceremonies to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, a major step toward the creation of today's European Union.

Benedict said he was concerned about Europe's "demographic profile"—though he did not describe the trends that have alarmed the continent for decades.

In countries like Italy, where many married couples have one or no children, the population is expected to shrink dramatically in a generation or two unless fertility rates quickly increase.
Benedict expressed concern that Europe's population trends, "besides putting economic growth at risk, can also cause enormous difficulties for social cohesion, and, above all, favor dangerous individualism, careless about the consequences for the future."

"You could almost think that the European continent is in fact losing faith in its own future," Benedict said.

A recent Eurostat survey showed Poland's fertility rate to be the lowest in the EU, at 1.23 children per woman.

Sociologists and economists blame the economy, particularly the unemployment rate—at 14.9 percent the highest in the EU. Worried about losing their jobs, many women in Poland put off having children, often until it is too late.

Earlier this month, Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski proposed a new program of tax exemptions and support for working mothers in the hope of encouraging births and ensuring that Poles "continue as a nation."

Italy's fertility rate steadily plunged to a low of 1.25 children per women of childbearing age in 2001, with the last few years seeing a small turnaround, mainly due to births to immigrants.

Italian experts cite Italian's desire for an easier lifestyle, but they also blame shortages of day care centers, expensive housing and a sluggish job market which sees many Italians living at home until well into their 30s as reasons for the country's relatively few children.

Antonio Golini, an Italian demographer, told The Associated Press recently that unless the retirement age is raised, Italy will have more people drawing pensions than it will have workers in 2050.

Spain also has a low fertility rate, while France, with family friendly policies such as cheap day care and generous parental leave, has experienced a baby boom.

France had more babies in 2006 than in any year in the last quarter- century, capping a decade of rising fertility that has bucked Europe's graying trend. Its fertility rate in 2006 was 2.0 children per woman.

A rate of 2.1 children per woman is considered the minimum necessary to keep a population from shrinking.

Friday, March 23, 2007

John Bolton Vs. Jon Stewart


From my friend, the great Eavesdropper at Maverick News Media:

If the passengers on Flight 93 had somehow been able to take control of the plane and kept it from crashing, I suspect CAIR would have considered suing them.

I suspect CAIR would have claimed that the passengers were not allowing the muslims onboard to conduct their freedoms of religion. I suppose they would have said the passengers were overreacting and a bunch of Islamophobes.

CAIR would have said the muslim passengers were exemplary and energetic members of their communities who were being humiliated and victimized.

CAIR would probably have said that these good muslim were models of interfaith and ethnic understanding, that they were peaceful and wanted only to educate the general public about Islam and that they represented the very best of Islamic and American values.

And all the passengers that fought and said, "Let's Roll" would have been called racists and bullies and accused of stopping decent young muslims from pursuing their dreams.

A CAIR lawyer would probably say it pains him tremendously to see these muslims being smeared and he would wonder how the passengers could have such a misconception about these "bridge-builders".

He would probably say how much work is still needed to overcome the fear and hate mongering that have been heaped on "groups of US citizens" (muslims) simply because of race, religion, or national origin.

The lawyer would ask us to join CAIR and reach out across the divides to strengthen the ties of human friendship and equality.

In the meantime, six imams are walking around carefree and easy while our fellow citizens, heroes really, are being sued for reporting suspicious terrorist activity.

Yes, CAIR's suit is intended to stop the heroic passengers on Flight 93. To make them wait for the authorities, or the military, and if they had, the terrorists and their plane would have hit it's intended target of the White House or the Capital.

World War III, Anybody?

I've been waiting for the Islamofascit idiots of the world to make the fatal mistake. It looks like they might have finally done so:

The Government is demanding the "immediate and safe return" of 15 British sailors and Marines seized at gunpoint by Iranian forces.

They were taking part in a routine operation boarding merchant ships in Iraqi territorial waters when they were taken captive by Iranian naval vessels.

The sailors and Marines had completed a successful inspection of one ship, reportedly a dhow, when the group and their two boats were surrounded.

They were then escorted by Iranian vessels into its territorial waters.

Crew were from HMS Cornwall

The men, from the Type 22 frigate HMS Cornwall, were seized in the Shatt Al Arab waterway.
The Royal Navy insists they were operating in Iraqi waters and not Iranian territory.

It is thought the operation was part of a crackdown on smugglers.

The commanding officer of HMS Cornwall, Commodore Nick Lambert told Sky News: "I have got 15 sailors and Marines who have been arrested by the Iranians.
Commodore Nick Lambert

"My immediate concern is that their safety and their safe return to me is ensured."

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We are urgently pursuing this matter with the Iranian authorities at the highest level.

"The British Government is demanding the immediate and safe return of our people and equipment."

The Iranian ambassador was later summoned to the Foreign Office to discuss the incident.
It is not the first time British servicemen have run up against Iranian forces in the troubled waters between Iran and Iraq.

Forces seized by Iranians

Eight men were seized and detained after three patrol boats were said to have strayed into the Iranian side of the Shatt al Arab waterway in July 2004. They were later released.
Analysts have told Sky News that such cases are normally resolved peacefully.
The latest incident comes at a time of renewed tensions with Iran over Tehran's nuclear program.

It also coincides with fresh claims of Iranian interference in Iraq - UK commanders say Iran is arming and funding insurgents attacking British troops.

I hope to God this war is finally going to break out into its reality. The truth is, our problems are primarily with Iran and Saudi Arabia. Afghanistan and Iraq were merely strategic waystations on the road to destroying our real enemies.

Please God, please, let this be Iran's fatal mistake.

Bye bye, Mahmoud.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


From my friend, the Simple Witness:

1) I can't control the decisions, actions, thoughts or feelings of others.

2) The only one I have charge of is myself.Yeah, I know...for many of you these are obvious lessons. Though I have heard them many times before...phrased in one way or another...I am learning them if for the first time.

It's soooo dang hard when someone who is important to you doesn't respond in the way you want them to. It's easy to disguise our "want" of their behavior as something they "should" do or "could" do if they loved us enough...or something that anyone else "would" do under the circumstances. And it is so easy to "blame" that person for not doing what I want.

The truth is that the behavior of that other person is not under my control and as much as I WANT them to do the thing the way I WANTING doesn't make it matter how hard I try. So, even though this is a painful is also freeing.

At least now...if I pay attention to what the person is really saying or doing...I have reality. And by acknowledging reality, I can act on it!

I think Jesus gave us this example often. When the disciples were cowering and fearful in the boat. He didn't waste time whining at them to knock it off and take charge. He commanded the storm to stop. When the Pharisees lacked compassion on the Sabbath...He did not spend hours laboring through each law refuting it's validity. He healed a man in the midst of them. When faced with centuries of inequities toward women, Jesus did not pity them by reinforcing a victim mentality, but rather forgave the adultress, spoke publicly to the woman at the well, healed the unclean woman with the issue of blood, and gave to a woman (rumored to be a prostitute) the first witness of Him as the risen Christ.

I am learning again that we have a choice. We can either spend our lives blaming others for hurting us, keeping us down, or framing our injured identity...OR...

We can take charge of our own out the image of God in which we were created...and take on each day with courage.

It doesn't mean it's easy...but I'm finding...that by the grace of can be done!

Check out Simple Witness' blog regularly.

Iranian Woman Reinterprets Koran With Feminist View

File this under, "Pushing back the river":

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new English-language interpretation of the Muslim Holy book the Koran challenges the use of words that feminists say have been used to justify the abuse of Islamic women.

The new version, translated by an Iranian-American, will be published in April and comes after Muslim feminists from around the world gathered in New York last November and vowed to create the first women's council to interpret the Koran and make the religion more friendly toward women.

In the new book, Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar, a former lecturer on Islam at the University of Chicago, challenges the translation of the Arab word "idrib," traditionally translated as "beat," which feminists say has been used to justify abuse of women.

"Why choose to interpret the word as 'to beat' when it can also mean 'to go away'," she writes in the introduction to the new book.

Yeah, why not? Then again, don't you just go away?

Women are the slaves of Islam.

German Judge Rules Koran Allows Wife Abuse

From Little Green Footballs:

The nihilistic dead end of multiculturalism has been attained in Germany, where a female judge seemingly forgot which culture’s laws she was supposed to uphold: German judge rules Koran allows wife abuse. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

BERLIN (AFP) - A German woman judge has refused a Moroccan-born woman permission to file for divorce by interpreting the Koran as allowing husbands to beat their wives.

“Where are we living? Woman judge allows beating in marriage... and invokes the Koran,” said a front-page headline in Germany’s top-selling Bild newspaper, reflecting the widespread angry reaction on Thursday.

“This Moroccan woman has the same right to protection from a violent husband as any German woman. Anything else would be misconceived sensitivity to the benefit of the husband and would amount to racist discrimination against the wife,” said the Tageszeitung daily.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany also condemned the decision. “The judge should have made a decision based on the German constitution instead of the Koran,” said spokeswoman Nurhan Soykan, who said that violence and mistreatment, regardless of the gender of the victim, were also grounds for divorce in the Islamic world.

A court in the western city of Frankfurt on Wednesday upheld a complaint of bias against the judge lodged by the lawyer of the 26-year-old woman, who has two children.

The woman had filed for immediate divorce on the grounds that the husband, also of Moroccan origin, regularly beat her and threatened to kill her. The claims were backed up by a police report. But the female judge, who has not been named, made clear in a letter that the wife’s bid had little chance of approval because, according to her, Islamic law allowed a man to strike his wife.

The judge is not wrong, and it’s not hard to find examples of leading Islamic scholars who would agree. But there’s still a difference between shari’a and the German legal system—isn’t there?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What The Hell
To Al Gore?

The incredible melting Al Gore

Al Gore circa 2000

Al Gore circa 2007

Seven short years, and the man has melted like a candle. What the heck happened? It must be Global Warming.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A song by Pastorius (I'll have to record this and post it here - for now, here are the lyrics).

If I denied you, would you stay by my side
If I left you - all high on my pride
If I lied to you - would you lose your trust
If I tripped and fell down in my lust

Would you leave me to burn?
Would you leave me to burn?
Would you leave me to burn, my Little Lamb?

If I cursed you - with bared fang
If I betrayed you - would leave me to hang
If I cheat you - if I lied and stole
Can I come back home when I'm tired and old
Will you help me to learn?
Will you help me to learn?
Will you help me to learn, my Little Lamb?

Just because I'm mad at you
Don't mean I hate you
And just because I hate you
Don't mean I don't believe in you
And, just because I don't believe
Don't mean I don't need you
I need You
I need You
If I took you from your friends at dawn
Made you carry my load - made you my pawn
If I kicked and beat you - left marks on your back
Made you to die for all that I lack

Would you forgive me?
Would you forgive me?
Would you forgive me, my Little Lamb?


Why do the nations so furiously rage, and why do the people imagine a vain thing? (Thank you to Michael)

In 586 BCE, on 9 Av, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the First Temple. Two thousand five hundred fifty-three years later, on June 7, 1967 (28 Iyar 5727), during the Six-Day War, Israel regained control of Biblical east Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount.

For the first time in more than 2,000 years, Israel was in complete control of the entire city.

Within a few days, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan gave control of the Temple Mount back to the Moslems, while maintaining Israeli sovereignty over it. Thirteen years later, Israel adopted its "basic law; Jerusalem" declaring, "Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel".

If the above had happened in any other nation, it wouldn't have garnered much attention from the rest of the world. But it didn't happen in just any other nation. It happened in the nation of Israel. Because of this, the entire world is in an uproar.

On November 29, 1947 — six months before the declaration of the State of Israel — the United Nations passed Resolution 181. One of the main points of this Resolution was the establishment of Jerusalem as a "corpus separatum" ("body of separate covenant"). This means, basically, that the UN separated the city of Jerusalem from the rest of the world and created a separate covenant for it. This has never been done before in all of history.

In 1950 the UN adopted the "Statute for the City of Jerusalem"setting forth the regulations for the administration of the city of Jerusalem by the United Nations. It would be an international city; it would not be linked to, or controlled by, any nation or government except the United Nations.

Why would the world be so concerned with an ancient city like Jerusalem? It is located approximately 27 miles inland from the coast. It has no natural resources. Most of it is built upon the ruins of previous structures. What makes it so important that the United Nations would set it apart from any other city or nation in the entire world?

The interesting aspect is that Jerusalem has never been important to the nations unless it was important to Israel.

When Israel started to return to the Land in large numbers during the late 1800's, the nations began to stir. It was just a little more than 50 years later that the UN adopted its "Statute for the City of Jerusalem".

The importance of Jerusalem lies in its spiritual aspect, not its physical makeup.

It is a city that lives and responds to the Holy One of Israel. God declares to Ezekiel how He had mercy on Jerusalem, how He blessed her and made a covenant with her (Ezekiel 16.6-14).

Jeremiah laments of her misery and suffering after God judged her (Lamentations 1.1-22). Yet God declared that He will not forget Jerusalem; He will establish an everlasting covenant with her (Ezekiel 16.60-63).

Jerusalem is the center of the earth, according to the Lord (Ezekiel 5.5). Its very existence continually proves that there is a God and that He will judge every man and hold him accountable for his deeds.

God has declared that Jerusalem is the place from which He will reign: "At that time they shall call Jerusalem 'The Throne of the Lord'" (Jeremiah 3.17a). It is to Jerusalem that Jesus will return in the Glory of the Father (Acts 1.11; see also Ezekiel 43.1-4).

The Lord said He was "exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem" (Zechariah 1.14). Many of the prophets spoke of the Lord's return to Jerusalem. The Lord declared through Zechariah, "'I will return to Jerusalem with compassion; My house will be built in it', declares the Lord of hosts" (Zechariah 1.16a; see also Zechariah 2.12; 8.3 ).

More than 4,000 years ago Abraham understood the importance of the city when he declared that Mount Moriah, in the midst of Jerusalem, would be "the place where God will be seen" (Genesis 22.14).

Yet God also declared that Jerusalem would be a problem for the nations of the world:

"Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. And it will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it" (Zechariah 12.2-3).

The Lord also gave warning of His judgment against those who come against Jerusalem:"And it will come about in that day that I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem" (Zechariah 12.9); "Now this will be the plague with which the L-rd will strike all the peoples who have gone to war against Jerusalem; their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongue will rot in their mouth" (Zechariah 14.12).

Jerusalem is important to the Holy One of Israel. It is the place that He has chosen to dwell in the midst of His creation. It is also the place where He will judge the nations.

Does this scenario sound familiar? It should. It is happening in our very day. Literally all of the nations of the world are gathering against Israel. The line has been drawn in the sand. It is the people of the God of Israel standing against all the nations of the world. Whose side will you be on? This is not the time to be straddling the fence. Now is the time to make a stand. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for through her peace will come the peace of the world. Enter into the battle, put on the full armour of God. Stand and see the salvation of the Lord.

[ Written by Lee Underwood :: Permission to reprint is granted with proper credit to author.]

Islamic Groups Impose
Special Poll Tax (Jizya)
On Christian "Subjects"

I slamic militias in Baghdad and Mosul order Christians to pay the jizya, a poll tax which dates back to the period of the Ottoman Empire, which guaranteed non Muslims the right to practise their religion as well as Muslim protection; the groups are ordered "not to reveal their activities" to Iraqi authorities while all contributions are given in alms to the Mosques.

Baghdad (AsiaNews) – "Non Muslim subjects must pay a contribution to the jihad if they wish to be allowed to live and practise their faith in Iraq". These orders are being imposed on the Christians of Mosul and Baghdad by Islamic militias. Besides these threats of extortion, thousands of non Muslims are also being forced to leave their homes by letters assigning their house to Muslim citizens.

The initiative is part of the general campaign to Islamafy the entire country, which begun with the imposition of the veil on all women. The website was the first to carry news of this latest development; the website has eye witness accounts of Iraqi refugees in Erbil, in the semi autonomous region of Kurdistan.

The fourth anniversary of the US military's arrival in Baghdad, March 20th 2003, brings with it little improvement in the conditions of the ever decreasing Christian community. Bomb attacks, kidnappings and threats continue to mark the daily existence of those few who so far have not been able to leave.

The latest sign of the increasingly worrying situation is news that the community is now being forced to pay the jizya, a "poll tax" requested from non Muslims according to the Koran, guaranteeing "protection" form the Islamic umma. The tax was once extracted by the Ottoman Empire until its collapse in 1918, but now Baghdad and Mosul's Mosques have ordered it be put in place again, "without revealing it to authorities".

According to local Christians it really is a contribution to the holy war, which – the jihad maintains - will also protect their community from external aggression. The monies collected are then given over to Mosques, but "without the knowledge of authorities".

Other accounts tell of letters being left in gardens or the entrance to Christian homes, notifying the families that they must leave their dwellings because they have been assigned to others, whose names and surnames are listed in black and white in the letters.

A New

Does that mean they'll start shaving their armpits and stuff? Check it out:

A new wave of anti-feminism is taking hold of Germany. Former career women-turned-housewives are spreading the word about a "new femininity" which encourages women to stay at home and embrace motherhood.

The anonymous letter makes for heartbreaking reading. "Dragging myself from job to job, I used to feel so useless. I wanted to be special but didn't know how -- I was neither fish nor flesh." For this angst-ridden career woman, salvation finally came in the full-bellied shape of motherhood. "With my husband and daughter at my side, I'm so happy and free now," she proclaims.

What sounds like a scene out of a 1950s TV sitcom is in fact a letter written to Eva Herman, the German author of the controversial bestseller "The Eva Principle" ("Das Eva Prinzip"), sub-titled "Towards a New Femininity." The principle in question rests on a series of tenets so old-fashioned they seem almost revolutionary again: Motherhood instead of emancipation, child-rearing instead of career-climbing, devoted marriage instead of egoistic self-fulfillment.

The 262 pages behind the pink cover of "The Eva Principle" are full of anti-feminist anger. Herman feels that nothing less than the survival of the country is at stake – Germans will "die out" if women don't change their behavior, she says. She sees herself as courageously breaking a "taboo" by criticizing women's liberation.

"Let's just say it loud," Herman writes. "We women have overburdened ourselves - we allowed ourselves to be too easily seduced by career opportunities." She recommends women exchange the cold sphere of work for the "colorful world of children" and discover their "destiny of nurturing the home environment."

America's Thankless Job

From African Path:

The United States of America is a great country and she is doing immense positive things to people of all colours around the world. Nonetheless, America is still vilified, even by those you never expected. To refresh the memories of the many modern day Thomas, they might have seen or watch on their Television screens, from stations that cared to broadcast it, or read in papers that cared to print and publish, the sad but true stories from the north east African state of Egypt. It was the sad story of 20 Sudanese, killed some two years ago by Egyptian police men in Cairo. If those Sudanese were in the United States, the US Police won’t have treated them inhumanely as the Egyptian Police did. And yet, those calling the US all sorts of names were cherry picking the words to use to denounce the audacious atrocities of the Egyptians police force.

Interestingly or not, those Sudanese who were humiliated and 20 lost their dear lives, wanted to go to the United States, the land of freedom, equality and great expectations coated with hope. This simply means that, the US is not exactly a nightmarish country with devilish imperialist policies as Hugo Chavez, the demagogue president of Venezuela and others are portraying her to be. For if the US was reduced to only the negative things that sadly even some Americans and in chief, the Democrats are always claiming, people the world over will not be thronging to her, as it is currently the case. Even the hordes of Latin Americans who are now demonstrating on the George W. Bush tour of the region and are shamelessly and stupidly comparing him to Adolf Hitler, are in their numbers wanting to go the US.

Why is the US, in spite everything attractive? The answer is simple; it is mostly because of America’s unique charitable image abroad. But it is also this positive image of the US, which, many with malicious equanimity, wants to drag in the mud. Egyptians authorities are known to violate human rights with impunity and two years ago also, they did launched an operation code name: clear away all blacks, a discriminative policy hidden to the world by the syndicate of the dominant doom and gloom media, in part for fear of irritating a Muslim country, that is also renowned for persecuting its other minorities: the Christians.

Examples of US help to the Arabic and Islamic world

It spites all its flaws; Egypt remains a big beneficiary of American open-handedness. In genuine terms, the US offers tons of subsidised Wheat annually to the Egyptians and also bankrolled its Army to the tune of $ 1.8 billion yearly. Even so, walk down the streets of Cairo and you will cringe at the despicable things voiced out from the mouths of ordinary Egyptians against the US. However, they could be forgiven, for they are largely illiterates and thus easily manipulated. What is unacceptable though is that, the blackmail of the US also comes from the mouths of the clique despots ruling the country.

More so, the corrupt Egyptian ruling cliques are those really profiteering from American tax payer’s monies given them yearly, courtesy of the successive US governments (Democrats or Republicans). There are also some people who even go the extra mile of claiming that the US is against Muslims. A fallacy only propagated and supported by all those who want to see the back of America. To refresh their collective memories, they have to read honestly and they will discover that, if Algeria, a Muslim country located in North Africa is an independent state today, it is not because of the pressures the French received from the rag tag rebellion of the FLN (Front de liberation Nationale) also known as “Mojahedines”, it was the pressures that the US government mounted on the French government led by General Charles De Gaulle.

Any way, the records are there to proof that, the French paramilitary called the OAS and the French regular army, had by 1958 pacified Algeria and quelled the Algerian rebellion, led by the FLN. It was because of American pressure that, the French grudgingly gave up Algeria in 1962. In addition, if there is peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina today, which is a majority Muslim enclave in Eastern Europe, that the Serbs and Croats wanted crushed from 1992 , it is not because of the moribund European Union, it thanks to the US government. The country that stopped the combined Anglo-French invasion of the Suez Canal in 1956 after it was nationalised by Colonel Gamal Abdul Nasser was still that of the United States.

However, in a world and region known to give hero status to manipulators and liars and death sentences to honest people, it was no surprise that, the man who self-styled himself as leader of pan Arabism, did transform all his failures into success. Without American pressure the Israeli Defence Force in 1973, would have driven the Egyptian Army to the Sudanese and Libyan borders. The list of US aid to Muslims and Muslim nations is too long and one wonders where some people find the effrontery to disparage the US. The other beneficiary of American generosity is kingdom of Jordan; she receives annually from the sum of US $ 1 billion direct financial aids. Do all these generosities look like the US is discriminative toward Muslims?

Even the kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefits from US generosity. Yet one America’s most lethal enemy is a Saudi native. The Saudi Kingdom is what she is today not because of Islam but because of American and British support. For records, the Americans are not helping because of Oil as a certain popular notions want the world to think and believe. Some 40 thousand and 30 thousand Americans and British expatriates are in the kingdom to run her economy without their presence; Saudi Arabia will go back to her medieval past.

Flabbergasted anti-Americanism

While ignoring firmly the ranting of pleasure seeking and freelance demonstration eager youths of Western Europe, who are ready to always go down the street to vent their anger against America, it is primordial to remind them that, without the Anglo-Americans help; they would have today been speaking German and languishing under Nazi millennia rule. Western European youths would do well to instead utter and focus their anger against their incompetent leaders, who love cows more than Human beings and who are not capable to give them jobs. Although there is no small anti-Americanism as some may want to think, the most irksome aspects of American hatred are those professed by some European politicians. One is always flabbergasted at the level of anti-Americanism in some western European countries (1). It is simply shocking to hear some Europeans leaders speak.

One of them was Gerhard Schroeder alias Mobutu who identifies well with Jacques Chirac in two or three things: their love for power, their hatred for America and their management deficiencies that have ruined the economies of their collective countries. The apologists of Mobutu Schroeder may deny, but his actions will certainly contradict even his most ardent fan. He was against the campaign to drive away the butcher of Baghdad from power, under clumsy reasons and used anti-American rhetoric to win elections. This is a man who had the courage to call Vladimir Putin the dictator president of the Russian Federation a flawless democrat. In making such declarations, Mobutu Schroeder was shameless ignoring the Russian atrocities in the break away Republic of Chechnya located in the Caucasus.
Ironically Mobutu Schroeder and his friend Vladimir Putin did challenged the Iraqi war, pretending that it will cause hardship, forgetting that during the 35 years of reign of Mr Saddam Hussein Al Tikiriti, Iraq was a laboratory of human right violations. Yet that type clairvoyance from Mr Schroeder was never placed or manifested against the governments of Russia and Sudan. The reason why Schroeder pampered the current Tsar of Russia has now been made clear. Less than a month after he painfully left office was offered the post of chairman of a Russian Oil/ Gas company called North West European Gas Pipeline Company. This company is currently building a $ 4 billion pipeline between Russia and Germany (2).

Has that news made headlines or any ripples in the Press? Had it been it was the wrong kind of American, that is a Republican or any person, who even had a hand shack with Mr Bush who got the current post of the former German chancellor; it would have made an earthquake in the Press. The US makes great effort to help the world and she is only supported by a divinely given friend called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But, with the coming up stream of Eastern European countries such as Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, the US will have new reliable allies. The US and UK governments are both united to bring peace and democracy in the Greater Middle East and the world over and also give hope to the hopeless. In all these good deeds people keep on whacking the US.

An indispensable World helper

Paradoxically, when America fails to act, there is an out cry. President Bush has made it very clear that, preventive action was the only remedy to stall tyrants and rogue states from endangering their neighbours and the world. It is in this light that, the Americans were ready to stop the Iranians and their desires to have the A bomb with the sole aim to destroy Israel. However, the Europeans or three countries within the European Union decided to parley with the Mullahs in Tehran, they had forgotten the adage: “spare the rod spoil the child”. Today Iran is defiant and has vowed to continue to develop the A bomb and also to destroy Israel. The other roguish state in the region with a tyrannical rule is Syria; her targeted killing of Christians and journalists of the same faith in Lebanon goes on unabated simply because America does not want to act.

When the US went to Afghanistan to flush out the medieval government of the Taliban there were some who cried, but now America wants to reduce her troops and have asked others to take up larger share of the responsibility, but there is an out cry. More France is even withdrawing her troops in Afghanistan. The lead vocalists against America are those so-called Peace activists who are in reality merchants of illusions who privately appreciate America but publicly decry and tarnishes her noble job around the world.

Tell a Shiite or Kurdish Iraqi or even a southern Sudanese to accept those audacious and odious statements peddle around against America, he/she will have the one uttering such statements for supper, for they know and appreciates the true loving America, that is ignored and ridiculed by some Liberals (US Democrats included) and Islamists today. America is a great country and it must be made known without any fear or shame.

French Jews Seek

Political Asylum

In United States

We are watching history repeat itself like a ghost living out the traumatic events of its life over and over again.

More than seven thousand French Jews have signed a petition asking America for political asylum because of rampant anti-Semitism in France:

French Jews petition U.S. for asylum

JTA "Following the barbarous murder of a young Jew because he was Jewish, in the context of the rise in anti-Semitic acts committed by Islamic fundamentalists, numerous members of the community no longer feel safe in France," reads the petition, which was sent to the U.S. Congress. The reference was to Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old Parisian Jew who was kidnapped and tortured to death last year by an anti-Semitic gang.

The petition asks Congress to enact a law according refugee status to French Jews. "We believe that the United States, known for its traditional welcome to those under threat in their native lands, must open its doors to us," the petition says. French communal officials reacted with outrage. "This petition is bizarre, stupid and out of place," Haim Musicant, director of CRIF, the umbrella organization of secular French Jewish groups, told Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper. "I don't feel threatened in France, and the authorities are doing everything they can to protect the Jewish community. French Jews don't need this kind of petition."

Will the United States lift its hands to help the Jews this time?

Monday, March 19, 2007

A World Without America

With thanks to Carine at Enough!

Evidence Points To "Dirty Bomb" Plot

From Scott Wheeler (with thanks to Michael):

Adnan El Shukrijumah is a suspected al-Qaeda organizer who is the subject of a worldwide manhunt by the FBI and CIA. He is believed to be working on Osama bin Laden's plan to trigger a radiological disaster inside the United States - the so-called "dirty-bomb" scenario where a small charge would trigger dispersion of radiation over a large area, wreaking havoc on those caught in the blast and making the blast area uninhabitable.

High-grade uranium is not necessary for this project; ordinary, low-grade nuclear waste will be deadly enough.El Shukrijumah has eluded capture. But Insight in field interviews has obtained evidence that he was spotted several times last year on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Now, subsequent to Insight's field investigation, news reports are saying that "an FBI source" has confirmed El Shukrijumah's presence.

McMaster University is the site of a 5,000-watt research reactor, as well as the university hospital that routinely generates nuclear waste. It is alleged that some of that waste has gone missing, but McMaster has refused to confirm or deny that report to this magazine. Insight already had interviewed a confidential informant who tipped off the FBI about El Shukrijuma. The confidential informant tells Insight that El Shukrijumah "said he was a student" and had met with him "five or six times" in 2002, the last time in November. Months later, in March 2003, the confidential informant recognized El Shukrijumah's photograph on television and says, "I got sick to my stomach."

According to the confidential informant, El Shukrijumah was "always alone," he "didn't talk much," but "said he was from the Middle East." The FBI lists El Shukrijumah's place of birth as Saudi Arabia, though the Saudi government denies that he is a citizen. On Sept. 5, the Saudi Embassy issued a statement that read, in part, "The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia again feels the need to correct the issue regarding the nationality of Mr. Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, wanted in connection with possible threats against the United States. ...

Shukrijumah is not, and never has been, a Saudi citizen, as had been widely reported." The statement declared that the suspect's father, "Gulshai El Shukrijumah, worked in Saudi Arabia for 27 years as an expatriate employee until 1986. ... The father did not have Saudi citizenship."

The FBI alerts state that "El Shukrijumah speaks English and carries a Guyanese passport, but may attempt to enter the U.S. with a Saudi, Canadian or Trinidadian passport." The Saudi Embassy statement repeats for emphasis that El Shukrijumah is "not a Saudi citizen and if he is traveling using a Saudi passport, then he has obtained it and is using it illegally."

A well-placed source with ties to McMaster University tells Insight that in early May he was made aware of a concern on campus about "missing nuclear material" amounting to "82 or 86 kilos [180 or 189 pounds]." McMaster officials have been adroit in responding to Insight's inquiries about El Shukrijumah, saying they are not aware of a student by that name attending the university but declined to provide similar information about the suspect's aliases.

The FBI alert lists El Shukrijumah's aliases as Abu Arif, Ja'far Al-Tayar, Jaffar Al-Tayyar, Jafar Tayar and Jaafar Al-Tayyar. Jayne Johnston, a university spokeswoman, admits that "these are very serious allegations," involving as they do the possibility of missing nuclear material. She says "the media focus comes back to us to ask what truth is there to these allegations. Well none that we are aware of. ... We don't have that information to provide." While addressing concerns about the nuclear reactor, she sidestepped the issue of security over and losses of radioactive material on campus.

This presents U.S. and Canadian security with a nuclear scare of the most likely sort. The raw byproduct of a nuclear reactor or the waste from nuclear medicine is not sufficiently concentrated to create a nuclear chain reaction for an atomic explosion, but radiological waste is a threat as part of what commonly is called a "dirty bomb."

A report on terrorism issued by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) describes a dirty bomb as "a radiological weapon" created from "a conventional explosive such as dynamite packaged with radioactive material that scatters when the bomb goes off."

The explosion, according to the report, "kills or injures through the initial blast of the conventional explosive and by airborne radiation and contamination, hence the term 'dirty.'" Peter M. Leitner, president of the Higgins Counter-Terrorism Research Foundation, tells Insight that the threat of a dirty bomb is "enormous." And, he says, "The materials are not hard to get - it is available at hospitals, X-ray clinics and industrial sites." As a terror weapon designed both to kill and to create panic it is very nasty indeed [see "Searching for 'Dirty Bombs,'" Jan. 21-Feb. 3].

This leads back to McMaster University, which now has denied to Canada's National Post that there is any nuclear material missing from its reactor. The newspaper quotes Dave Tucker, a physicist "who manages radiation safety for the university," as saying there is no indication that any nuclear material is unaccounted for. According to Tucker, "There is a very small number of people who have access to our nuclear facilities and we know who they are and we know that [El Shukrijumah] isn't one of them. There are few enough that we know personally the people who have unescorted access to the reactor." It is important to note the distinction being made between missing radioactive material and material missing from the university's nuclear reactor. There also is radioactive waste on the campus in areas other than the reactor, such as the School of Nuclear Medicine. However, university officials and local police respond to questions about the potential loss of medical radiological waste with answers about the security of the reactor - a separate matter.

An official of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission told Insight that there were no "reports of any significant material" missing from the McMaster School of Nuclear Medicine.According to Leitner, access to the reactor is not necessary to obtain components for a dirty bomb. "They can have a full accounting of the material used to fire the reactor," he says, "but that wouldn't include items that are irradiated." This could include radiated material used in hospitals such as the McMaster University School of Medicine. Officials for the university, however, dodged Insight's questions about missing radiated medical waste.

The CFR report states that such radioactive substances are not always well-guarded. The report says, "The [International Atomic Energy Agency] notes that virtually every country has radioactive substances that could be used to make dirty bombs." It cites a U.N. report stating that "Iraq tested a one-ton radiological bomb in 1987 but gave up on the idea because the radiation levels it generated were not deadly enough."

But U.S. authorities analyzing this information may find a terrorist-threat trifecta in El Shukrijumah, says a terror specialist. In addition to the sighting of the suspect in Hamilton and the hint of missing nuclear material from McMaster, El Shukrijumah was being sought for questioning because his name came up in documents belonging to senior al-Qaeda figure Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the principal terrorist deputy to Osama bin Laden. Mohammed was apprehended in Pakistan last spring and is believed personally to have cut the throat of captive Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in February 2002.

A Cable News Network report last March stated that "Mohammed identified El Shukrijumah as one of his deputies, according to sources." That same report said federal authorities had linked El Shukrijumah to José Padilla, an American converted to Islam who was arrested last May and is suspected of being involved in an al-Qaeda plot to explode a radioactive bomb inside the United States. As Time magazine reported in July, "The FBI believes that al-Qaeda recruiters are aggressively enrolling youths ... with U.S., Canadian or Western European passports and good command of the English language and the North American interior." Time quotes outgoing counterterrorism chief Larry Mefford as saying that al-Qaeda is "refocusing its efforts" to recruit "disaffected Americans, green-card holders and Muslims who had spent time in the U.S. as students or visitors" with good English skills and a "working knowledge of American society and culture." Both El Shukrijumah and Padilla fit that profile, say Insight sources. Federal authorities believe the two first met while residing in Pembroke, Fla.

The Pagan Fetish Of Pacifism

From Atlas Shrugs:

Four years in. An inch of time. Four years in and the foolish and credulous among us yearn to get out. Their feelings require it. The power of their Holy Gospel of "Imagine" compels them. Their overflowing pools of compassion for the enslavers of women, the killers of homosexuals, the beheaders of reporters, and the incinerators of men and women working quietly at their desks, rise and flood their minds until their eyes flow with crocodile tears while their mouths emit slogans made of cardboard.

They believe the world is run on wishes and that they will always have three more.

Like savages shambling about some campfire where all there is to eat are a few singed tubers, they paint their faces with the tatterdemalion symbols of a summer long sent down to riot with the worms. They clasp hands and sing songs whose lyrics are ash. "We shall... over... come." Overcome what, overcome who? Overcome their own nation? Is that their dream? It is the lifelong dream of those that lead them, that much is certain.

Four years in and we see these old rotting rituals trotted out in the streets like some pagan procession of idols and shibboleths, like some furred and feathered fetish shaken against the sky by hunkering witch-doctors, to hold back the dark, to frighten off the evil spirits and graven images that trouble the sleep of the dreamers.

Four years into the most gentle war ever fought, a war fought on the cheap at every level, a war fought to avoid civilian harm rather than maximize it. Picnic on the grass at Shiloh. Walk the Western Front. Speak to the smoke of Dresden. Kneel down and peek into the ovens of Auschwitz. Sit on the stones near ground zero at Hiroshima and converse with the shadows singed into the wall. Listen to those ghost whisperers of war.