Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Woman Wears
T-Shirt To
Spanish Trial

Oh man, this woman is an amazing. She deserves to be highly commended. Thank God for her:

MADRID – The widow of a man killed in the Madrid bombings attended the trial of Islamic radicals with a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb on her T-shirt.

The judge in charge of trial on Monday asked security guards to check the woman’s T-shirt and ordered the cameras to halt live transmissions. Initially, he thought the woman could been a relative of one of the 29 accused and thought she might have put some kind of message on her T-shirt.

The T-shirt was a copy of the cartoons showing Mohammed on top of a bomb which were first printed by a Danish magazine and which caused disturbances in Muslim countries around the world.

The judge decided the woman was free to wear what she liked and could come back to the court if she wished.

The woman, who was not identified, is a member of the Association of those Affected by Terrorism.

Why is it that women like this one, and Hirsi Ali, and Orianna Fallaci, are leading us in these times?

Why is it that we men are not taking up the battle?




C'mon, my friends.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007






The ongoing riots in Paris seem to have spread from the outlying "suburbs" (read slums) to Paris proper:

PARIS - Riot police firing tear gas and brandishing batons clashed Tuesday with bands of youths who shattered windows and looted shops at a major Paris train station, and officials said seven people were arrested.

Officers and police dogs charged at groups of marauding youths, some of them wearing hoods, who mingled with commuters and travelers at the Gare du Nord — one of Paris' most important transport hubs.

Some of the youths threw trash cans and other objects at the officers, who responded by firing tear gas.

One woman was evacuated by paramedics for inhalation of tear gas.

The clashes began in midafternoon, and forced the closure of the station's subway and commuter lines for several hours. The station's long-distance rail hub and Eurostar terminal, which is attached to the subway station, remained open throughout.

They started after a man without a Metro ticket punched two inspectors during a routine ticket check, said officials from Paris' RATP public transport authority. Youths also attacked the inspectors and later turned on police patrolling the station, officials said.

"The inspectors were hit with projectiles, as were the officers who came to assist them," said Luc Poignant, an official for the Force Ouvriere police union.

A standoff ensued between officers and some 100 youths.


Kobe Bryant's recent play has been so stunning that people are beginning to forget about that other guy people use to compare him to. What was his name? Michael Jordan? Was that it?


Anyway, check out this article from ex-Jordan teamate, Steve Kerr:

In the past five games, Kobe Bryant has averaged 54 points per game. Think about that for a moment. Fifty four! Most importantly, the Los Angeles Lakers won all five, reversing a seven-game losing streak that had threatened to ruin their season.

In effect, Bryant placed the entire team on his shoulders and willed it back into a positive state. The Lakers are now confident again, they have Luke Walton and Lamar Odom back from injuries and they're no longer looking like road kill for the West's top seeds come playoff time. And they owe it all to Kobe.

His offensive game is so good, so fundamentally sound in every aspect, that it may be time to debate whether or not he's the most complete offensive player in the history of the NBA. I'm not talking about the best player – there are plenty of players who rank well ahead of Bryant in that category. I'm simply wondering if there has ever been a player with a more complete skill set with footwork, ball handling, perimeter shooting and leaping ability.

That from a guy who won several championships with Michael Jordan.

I would contend that Kobe is among the best all-around players ever to play the game. His offense gets so much attention, people forget to notice that he is a lockdown defensive player as well.

Now, all that being said, you know who has really impressed me? Steve Nash.

I've always thought Magic Johnson was the greatest team player in NBA history. But, Steve Nash is giving him a run for his money. Difference is, Magic won five championships with the Lakers. And, Steve Nash? Not so many.

Yeah, not one.

If Nash can keep it up for two or three more years and win a championship or two with the Suns, then he will likely be remembered as one of the three or four best players ever to play the game.

By the way, here's my top ten alltime best NBA players:

1) Magic Johnson
2) Wilt Chamberlain
3) Michael Jordan
4) Kobe Bryant
5) Julius Erving
6) Bill Russell
7) Elgin Baylor
8) Shaquille O'Neal
9) Larry Bird
10) Oscar Robertson

These are the players who have most impressed me.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of NBA greats, let me say this. Neither LeBron James, nor Kevin Garnett have done anything to prove they should be mentioned among the greats. All of the guys in the top ten were guys who carried teams on their backs when needed.

Kevin Garnett and LeBron James are both very impressive players, but you will notice, when their teams are down, you will never see either one of the them take over the game by scoring at will, stealing, grabbing rebounds, and blocking shots.

James and Garnett are team players who both seem to like to work within a system. One of the things I like most about basketball is that it is as much about individual will as it is about teamwork. In baseball, no single player can change the course of a bad team. And, that isn't true in football either. Those games are all about teamwork. Basketball is great when it's played by a finely tuned team, but it is astonishing when it is dominated by an individual. And, it is the individuals that we watch the game for. They loom largest on the historical stage.

Just like in real life.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Language Of A Warrior

Here's something Allahpundit put up at Hot Air today.

I've been criticized from multiple directions for my language and my content. Many of the people who criticize me are people I consider friends and allies. To be honest, it is very painful for me to have become a kind of outcast. I love my friends.
I think this article goes a long way towards explaining my frame of mind.

In his introduction to the published script of Full Metal Jacket, Michael Herr, the author of the Vietnam-era book Dispatches that partially inspired the movie, wrote that director Stanley Kubrick was notorious for not allowing any of his actors to deviate from his shooting script. Kubrick made one prominent exception: Lee Ermey, "the ex-Marine who had been hired as technical advisor, bugged Stanley to test him for the part of Sergeant Hartman, and he brought a lot of his own incredible language in, like Orson Welles in The Third Man."

While Austin Bay is a retired Army colonel and not a Marine D.I., his new pamphlet, Embrace The Suck, also introduces the public to military jargon. It's a pocket-sized dictionary of that same sort of incredible language, updated for the 21st century and the Global War On Terror.
In its introduction, Bay writes, "Priests, prostitutes, psychologists, cops, jazz musicians, poker players, the gang at the beauty shop—every trade has its jargon; every group a lingo or recognition code that separates 'ins from outs' and 'us from them.'"

The Common Currency of Military Slang

Lenny Bruce would certainly approve of much of the language of Bay's pamphlet, which is colorful (and often scatological), to say the least. In a recent interview, Bay told me, "You can say that war is obscene and obscenity is the common currency of military slang from the beginning of the military". As he notes, "The title is right on the edge. It's clearly got an obscene basis to it".

In his four-page introduction to the pamphlet (2007, Pamphleteer Press, LLC) Bay writes, "'Embrace the suck' isn't merely a wisecrack; it's a raw epigram based on encyclopedic experience. Face it, soldier. I've been there. This ain't easy. Now let's deal with it." He adds that the title is "indicative of a lot of military humor—there's a gallows humor aspect and a darkness to it".

No shit, we would engage in gallows humor in the situation we are faced with.

I believe we are in a war for our very lives. On 9/11, I said to my wife, "Life will never be the same. I may decide to join the military." That was a completely unprecendented statement coming from a liberal like me.

The point is, my mindset is that I am in a war. Most of us do not think that way. Most of us think the war is something that is happening "over there," and that it doesn't much threaten us.

I am constitutionally made up to see the way events are unfolding, and from that, to extraplolate where they will lead us.

Am I always right?

Hell no.

In fact, I may be wrong more often than not. But, at the same time, I do think that I have given much consideration to the issues we are faced with. And, I do believe my opinion is worthy.

I believe we are faced with an enemy (Islamofascism) which has convinced a huge percentage of its population of a terrible, evil idea; that Islam must spread itself by means of violent Jihad waged upon all Infidels (or, in other words, all non-Muslims). One can not negotiate with such an enemy. One can not trust that such an enemy will even be deterred by threat of destruction.

I would like nothing more than to be wrong in my conclusions. I feel as if I am walking on the edge of a sharp knife, morally. I feel as if I am being sliced between good and evil. All I can be somewhat certain of is that, if I don't speak up, if I don't express what I believe to be true, I will be partially responsible for horrible events that are to follow.

Righteous Words Spoken At The UN
UN Threatens To Strike Words From Record

Well, naturally. What else would you expect a council of demons to do when faced with the truth, huh? The United Nations was started with good intentions. The thing is, obviously, there are a lot of nations in our world who do not have good intentions. So, how can we expect an organization made up of oppressive, and sometimes downright evil nations to do the work of keeping the peace in our world?

The idea doesn't make sense from the very start, does it?

Condoleeza Rice Says,
The Halt of
Jewish Immigration
To Israel
Is One of Two
Key Arab
For Engaging
The Jewish State
In Peace Talks?

Is this story true? It's from Debka which is know for not being highly accurate. If it is true, what the hell right do we, the United States, or anyone, have to tell Israel who and who not to let live in their country?

DEBKAfile reports: Condoleezza Rice sells Israeli PM Ehud Olmert her Middle East initiative - The halt of Jewish immigration to Israel is one of two key Arab pre-conditions for engaging the Jewish state in peace talks

March 26, 2007, 11:27 PM (GMT+02:00)

Earlier Monday, the US secretary of state called off the Monday night press conference to launch her initiative. Instead, she held a second round of talks with Olmert to overcome his objections. He finally succumbed to the creation of a US-Arab-Israeli mechanism forace talks based on the resolutions reached at the Arab League summit convening in Riyadh March 28-29.
The summit will approve the Saudi peace plan without any of the modifications requested by Israel.

Olmert and foreign minister Tzipi Livni, whom Rice met earlier in the day, spent hours hammering the phrasing for presenting their concession to the US secretary, without being seen to have abandoned the Middle East roadmap, which is the central plank of this Israeli government's foreign and peace policy.

They decided that Rice would term the Israel-Arab diplomatic track a preface to the roadmap's implementation. The US secretary argued that Israel has nothing to lose by engaging Arab representatives and would only improve its image. Olmert asked for the encounters to take place at the senior level of foreign ministers, in order to convince the public that his government had not been browbeaten into a concession contrary to national interests. But Rice could not make this promise. US-Israeli discussion on the framework for Israeli and Arab delegates to meet will continue.

But in Riyadh, meanwhile, the preliminary conference of Arab foreign ministers has already determined the mechanism and forum for the talks with Israel. They have opted for the UN Security Council and Middle East Quartet as sponsors, convinced that both bodies are powerful enough to impose a settlement on Israel. The US Secretary informed Olmert that she does not support this demand.

Regarding the Saudi peace plan, Israeli opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu rejected the clause calling for the return of Palestinian refugees as a threat to Israel's existence.

Arab foreign ministers drafting summit resolutions demanded the refugees' return to their pre-1948 homes and rejected any prospect of settling Palestinian refugees in any Arab state. They also demanded the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Arab sources reveal that the two conditions will be incorporated in the final resolutions approved by the Arab League summit in Riyadh on Thursday.

1. Israel must halt Jewish immigration so that the Israelis leaving the country or revoking their citizenship are not replaced by newcomers.

2. The international community must condemn Israel's High Court of Justice for authorizing targeted assassination of Palestinians in cases of security threats. Arab justice ministers will lobby international judicial bodies to elicit this condemnation.

Wilt Chamberlain:
Just Like
Any Other
Black Millionaire
Who Lives
Next Door

In light of Kobe Bryant's recent streak of four fifty point games in a row, let us remember the man who averaged 50.4 points per game over the course of an entire season.

Wilt Chamberlain was my hero when I was a kid. Among the things I admired about him was that he was a Republican. I was not a Republican myself. In fact, I was raised by parents who took me to see McGovern speak when I was just a wee lad. I was against the Viet Nam War. And, while Wilt supported Nixon (in fact, he even campaigned for him), I had to admire Wilt because his choice to support Nixon was evidence that he was a free thinker.

Additionally, Wilt abhorred superstition. The reason he chose number 13 for his jersey was he believed that people create their own fate.

Wilt wasn't just a tall man. He was a giant of a man as well. He did everything big. Obviously, there is much negative that could be said of him. And, certainly, I don't want to make excuses for any of his behavior. But, the truth is, sometimes men who leave giant footprints tred hard upon all of life.

Photo by Joe Citizen: