Thursday, July 26, 2007


This cat curls up next to residents of the nursing home in which he lives, in the hours before they are about to die.

I considered making some sort of grim reaper joke in the title, but that would be disrespectful to what this cat actually does, which seems to be to attempt to give a little love to these patients in their time of need. Wow.

A US cat that is reportedly able to sense when a nursing home's residents are about to die is baffling doctors.

Oscar has a habit of curling up next to patients at the home in Providence, Rhode Island, in their final hours.

According to the author of a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the two-year-old cat has been observed to be correct in 25 cases so far.

Staff now alert the families of residents when he sits down next to their ailing loved one.
"He doesn't make many mistakes. He seems to understand when patients are about to die," David Dosa, a professor at Brown University who carried out the research, told the Associated Press news agency.

Oscar was adopted as a kitten at Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre.

The cat is said to do his own rounds, just like the doctors and nurses at the home, but is not generally friendly to patients.

Although most families are grateful for the warning Oscar seems to provide, some relatives ask that the pet be taken away while they say their last goodbyes to their loved ones.

When put outside the room, Oscar is said to pace up and down meowing in protest.

Thomas Graves, a feline expert from the University of Illinois, told the BBC: "Cats often can sense when their owners are sick or when another animal is sick.

"They can sense when the weather will change, they're famous for being sensitive to premonitions of earthquakes."

A doctor who treats patients at the home said she believed there was probably a biochemical explanation, rather than the cat being psychic.

Gee, really?


I thought the cat could lead us to the UFO's which have been invading our planet too.

Damn it all.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

God Save The Queen?

Burning Another
American Flag
In The Name Of Allah

From LGF:

Tonight on, sponsor of last night’s Democrat debate: YouTube - Burning another American flag in the name of Allah!!!!

Quote: “Americans are worse than Jews.”

Alright, we've got that straight, thank you very much.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Liberal Anti-Semitism?

Hard to believe, huh? But, it seems to be latest hip thing. The Chicago Tribune was moved to run a piece on it yesterday:

The piece is about how “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” comes out at 2:01 a.m. Saturday in Israel, but Israeli law prohibits stores from being open on the Sabbath, or as Gawker puts it: “Head Heebs in the Holy Land are trying to keep bookstores closed at the appointed hour of the novel’s release.”

The unbylined piece (UPDATE: There actually is a byline or tagline or whatever you call a single name in small print off to the right of the posting’s conclusion. It’s “BALK,” short for editor Alex Balk) goes on to note:

“Some stores are planning to open anyway — these are Jews, let’s remember, and a buck’s a buck — which has resulted in predictable outrage from the Adonai-adoring elements of Israeli society.”They didn’t just go there, did they? What, is it Fun with Ages-Old Slanderous Stereotypes Week?

The piece then quotes someone from the United Torah Judaism Party (by way of an Associated Press story) slamming the Potter books’ “defective messages” and their subculture before the Gawker writer fires back: “[I]sn’t this exactly how some of us feel about, you know, the Bible and its subculture of weird, tallis-wearing followers?”

Hee hee — Orthodox Jews and other Bible readers sure are a bunch of weirdos!
I suspect the Gawker folks would say they’re being postmodern and ironic. They’re playing to a crowd that appreciates such wink-wink references (the comments include several inside jokes about Jewish law and nary a complaint). There’s already a popular Jewish magazine called Heeb, so why not embrace all slurs and stereotypes? Don’t take offense; it’s all in quotation marks.

In that spirit, may I nonetheless point out, Gawker, that sometimes you guys are real “schmucks.”

I think the writer of this piece from the Chicago Tribune, Mark Caro, is being generous in giving the writers at this "hip" blogs the benefit of the doubt by alluding to their postmodern ironic qualities.

What so postmodern and ironic about this stuff:

The left is getting more insane and more ugly by the hour. Here’s another way-over-the-line post by ‘Pareene’ at the worthless Wonkette site: Rudy Reveals Secret War! - Wonkette.

In a stunning rocket, Rudy Jew-liani basically admitted that he doesn’t know anything at all about foreign policy — or maybe that he knows too much. In an interview with the Jew York Times, Rudy inavertendly [sic] revealed that the US has been fighting an entire extra war these last few years that only he knows about.

Casual offhanded antisemitism—how edgy!

Wonkette has a history of this kind of thing: Wonkette: Jenna Bush Drinks ‘Jew Baby Blood’.

Hate speech is also being posted at another Gawker Media blog: Blue States Jews: ‘Harry Potter’ And The Jewish Problem - Gawker.

And more: Casual Offensiveness: Exactly What Is So Funny About The Jews - Gawker.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

There Is A War Coming
And It Will Start
On August 2nd

Am I Nostradamus? No, I just know. I'll leave it up to you all to figure out how I know

From the Jerusalem Post:

IDF: Hizbullah moving rockets inside s. Lebanese villages

Hizbullah guerrillas have moved most of their rockets in south Lebanon among civilians in villages in an apparent attempt to avoid detection by Israel and UN troops, IDF officials said Sunday.

The new moves are part of Hizbullah's reorganization after the Second Lebanon War, the officials said. During the summer's war, Hizbullah fired almost 4,000 rockets at Israel.

While Lebanon criticized the IDF for targeting civilian areas during the war, Israel said Hizbullah was to blame for operating among civilians and putting them at risk.

Last summer, many of Hizbullah's rocket batteries were located in unpopulated rural areas, where the guerrillas dug networks of tunnels and fortifications, the officials said. But the army's new intelligence indicates that those positions had now largely been abandoned in favor of populated villages, which provide better cover for the group's activities. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

The UN-brokered cease-fire that ended the war expanded UNIFIL, the international peacekeeping force in south Lebanon, to 13,000 troops, entrusting it with ensuring that Hizbullah was not rearming near the Lebanon-Israel border.

Yasmina Bouziane, a UNIFIL spokesman in Lebanon, refused to comment on the Israeli charges.

A Hizbullah official in Beirut also refused to comment on the allegations. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said only that in the past Hizbullah guerrillas fired rockets at Israel from valleys and mountainous areas and not from inside villages.

The officials said Hizbullah's postwar efforts also included the construction of new fortifications north of the Litani River, farther from the Israeli border and out of UNIFIL's jurisdiction.

Yesterday, I posted this at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

Iran In The Final Countdown?

From Pamela, at Atlas Shrugs:

Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad’s Council of War
NE Intel Network
21 July 2007

OSINT and HUMINT source reports have combined within the past 48 hours to constitute one of the most striking dioramas ever seen in any region of the world just prior to the initiation of full-scale armed conflict. These reports are far more than the proverbial handwriting on the wall or mere belligerent rhetoric; they are virtual and tangible realities seen in most instances by disbelieving human eyes, so real they stun the senses with an aura of surrealism.

These intelligence items were then capped by a two-day council of war lorded over by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad. The first day’s session was held Damascus, Syria on Thursday, with the second session moved to Tehran on Friday. The details of this Iranian-led council of war are found in in this report from DEBKAfile. The HUMINT items of particular interest follow below. Click the article title or “read more” above to continue with this important special report.

On July 5, 2007, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported that Syrian authorities had instructed all Syrian citizens residing in Lebanon to return to their country by July 15, 2007. The next day, the Israeli Arab daily Al-Sinara similarly reported, on the authority of a Lebanese source close to Damascus, that Syria was planning to remove its citizens from Lebanon.

Also on July 5, the Lebanese daily Al-Liwa reported rumors that Syrian workers were leaving Lebanon at the request of the Syrian authorities. In addition, the Syrian government daily Al-Thawra reported that Syrian universities would accept Syrian students who were leaving Lebanon due to the instability there.

Ahmadinejad: “This summer will see Muslim victories in the region and the defeat of our enemies!”Al Qaeda in Iran and more on that here.


It's gonna be a long, hot summer. Those who are concerned about Global Warming will want to keep their eyes open.