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Beginning To Explain
The Disintegration

When I was 11 years old, my Grandmother moved from Pennsylvania to California and came to live with my family.

She was my Dad's mother.

I loved my Grandmother. I didn't realize at the time that my mother basically hated my Grandmother.

My Grandmother was a very nice old lady, but she was imperious about her son, and my father was, in many ways, subservient to her, and to everyone else as well.

My Dad was a tough man. He served in Morocco and Sicily in World War II. Some of the greatest memories of my life are when I was seven and my Dad showed me an old chest he had (I still have it) where he had stored his Army uniform. I remember being very impressed that he had ascended to the level of Seargeant, and he had multiple medals, and bars displayed across the chest and shoulders of the uniform.

But, for all that, my father was basically subservient to women.

The reason he was this way is because he had a very hard childhood. His father died at the outset of the Depression. His Dad died of alcohol poisoning. His Dad, and his uncle went out one night, during Prohibition, and they drank some bathtub Gin, and it killed my Grandfather.

When I asked my Dad how his Dad died (I was seven or eight at the time) he told me, I will tell you when you are older.

When he finally told me, it revealed everything I neeeded to know about my Dad.

Here is what happened, to be very specificL (Notice that I started this post by talking about my Grandmother, and I am gradually regressing in time back generations. It can not be helped when you are talking about family lineage. The sins of the father are visited upon the next three or four generations. That's what the Bible says, and I believe that that is true.)

My father's father and his brother were both policemen, and they went out and got drunk, and the next thing they knew, my fahter's father was dead.

That was it.

My father, when he finally told me the story of his father's death, told me that, after wacthing his brother die, his Uncle would sit in front of the bathroom mirror and scream at himself, "You are a horrible person. I hate you. You deserve to die."

And, surely, he did.

That was my Dad's life by the time he was eleven years old.

Imagine that.

When my Dad was fourteen, and all the men of the family had died, my father, (this would have been the mid-1930's) had to quit school and go to work to support the family.

My Dad was an intelligent man who never had the opportunity to even go to High School.

Consequently, when he got older, he chose to make safe choices. He worked in a Union job for the government, and he established great benefits for himself, and provided for his family the best way he could imagine.

But, he always believed that he was inferior and not up to the challenges that life was putting in front of him.

No surprise there, when you consider what he had to deal with in his early life.

We have a term for this now; it's called Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. My father, I believe, suffered from that. However, at the same time, I must admit, I only very rarely saw him lose his cool, and when he died (in 2000) everyone at his funeral talked about what a gentleman he was.

Because he really was.

He was a very good man, who had a hard life, but he did everything he could to provide, as best as he knew how, for his family.

So, getting back to the beginning of this post, when my Grandmother moved in with us, when I was 11 years old, because my mother hated her, it was a tremendous stress on our family.

I remember wacthing my Dad, who was fifty-something years old at the time, grow a big-old handlebar mustache, and long-hair, almost like a hippie. I have a photograph I took of my father when I was twelve where he looked like a character out of Pulp Fiction.

Meanwhile, my mother sank into a depression the likes of which I have never seen in anyone else.

My parents would scream at each other, and at me, and my family lived in complete chaos for about three years straight.

When I was 12-13 years old, I would, literally, say "Bye" to my parents, and not come home for days, and it was as if they didn't even notice I was gone.

I know I am giving you an impressionistic version of the history of my family. If I were to try to explain it in Bas Relief detail, it would be overwhelming for you.

I will slowly unfold the whole thing.

There is much more to the story then I am even letting on now.

Here's the point: All of that happened in the years of 1975-1977. I believe my life is a mirror of the times. I was born in 1963. What signifigance does that have? Well, if you look at how the "Baby Boomer Generation" is divided from the "Generation X, 1963 is the dividing line.

I am, in my opinion, right on the cusp of all the changes that fucked up our society. Over the next few months I am going to attempt to explain what I mean by that by unraveling the story of my life. I have had a very, very strange life.

You will be entertained. Of that I can almost guarantee you.

Now, here's the thing, in my opinion, if you look at the years between 1963-1977, you will see everything that went wrong with America. I was a Philosophy major in College, so I understand that societal and cultural changes emanate first from ideas. However, there is a specific time when those ideas take effect, and I believe my early, formative years were, indeed, the years when America changed for the worse, and we have been living with it ever since.

Now, here's the reason I started this post by talking about my Grandmother. When she moved in, she gave me one of the most important gifts any human being has ever given me.

She gave me my first Bible.

It was what you call a "Red-Letter Edition" King James Translation.

Christians will know what that means. It means that the Bible she gave me was in flowery, almost Shakespearesque language, and all the words of Jesus were in red, while all the rest of the Bible was in black.

In addition to giving me the Bible, my Grandmother said something important to me. She said, "When I am going through very trying times, I read the Psalms. You will find compfort there."

When I was twelve that made no sense to me. Now, it is very obvious what she meant.

Man, life is very, very strange. I have a very, very good memory, and when I think back on the path my life has taken, I see that it is almost as if God did, indeed, carry me almost every step of the way.

I am going to attempt to make that clear in the next few months.

If I am able to do what I intend to do, then I will explain how our beautiful Western Civilization has gotten into the incredible mess we are in.

If I fail, well, then you will see me fall off the high-wire and you will all be able to sing Send In The Clowns, because that's what they used to do in the circus when a performer fell and died during the course of the show.

Isn't it rich?


I am changing the subject of CUANAS.

I am no longer, or rarely, going to write about war and anti-Semitism.

Instead, I am going to write about my personal experiences in life.

The reason I have made this decision is because I have found that I have very little support from the people who are most important to me.

This does not mean that I believe my cause is unworthy.

Instead, I believe my friends are not ready to understand where I am coming from.

The ultimate desolation for me came from one of my best friends in the world. I will leave HER nameless, but she is among the several indivduals with whom I started this organization.

She said to me that she thought I was doing what I am doing out of ego.

That is completely fucking ridiculous.

I am sorry be angry.

But, I have spent four years of my life - a life which was previously spent thinking about poetry and music and art - thinking about hatred.

I hate what I do!

I can't tell you how much I hate it.

I want to stop.

However, someone needs to do this work.

I am not, biologically, cut out for this work, and if I don't stop, I feel like I will have some severe trouble.

I have responsibilities.

Anyone in this world who has responsibility will understand what I mean.

I have decided that I will start writing about the history of my emotional life. I am a human being who occupies a very interesting niche that lies in between the WWII Generation and the Hippie Generation.

Not to mention, I remember very, very far back into my life.

I remember things, very clearly, from when I was three years old.

I have realized that our country went wrong between the years of 1962-1977.

These are the formative years of my life.

I am going to start writing about that exclusively.

In other words, this blog is going to become something more similar to Dr. Sanity. I am going to write about the psychological development, and rationality, of Western Civilization.

This will be an experiment. We'll see how it works.

Skateboarder Survives Forty-Foot Fall In Competition

I am a surfer, and an ex-skateboarder. I admire men who lay it all on the line.

If you surf the web, you will see why I believe that skateboarding is among the most "extreme" and brave sports in the world. Men literally, and I have known them personally, get their balls crushed, competing in this sport.

I, personally, was never such a daredevil.

Check out this article, and try to imagine yourself, getting up and walking away from this.

You want to tell me America does not have the balls of past generations?


Here are our warriors.

Let us wake them up!

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The slam of the skateboarder's body against the ramp caused a collective shudder among X Games spectators and had Web video watchers gasping Friday morning.
Jake Brown fell flailing and helpless for about 40 feet on the skateboard big air mega ramp during his fifth and final run Thursday night.

Brown bruised his lung and liver and remained in the intensive care unit at California Hospital Medical Center on Friday night, X Games officials said.

"He's in stable condition," hospital spokeswoman Katreena Salgado said.

After pulling off a difficult 720 over the ramp's 70-foot gap, he launched up the adjacent quarterpipe and immediately lost control. Plunging face first, his legs pedaling wildly, Brown turned over in the air and landed on his tailbone, with his head and limbs hitting soon after.
He slid limply down the last few feet of ramp and lay motionless for nearly five minutes.
The crack echoed into box seats at the top of the Staples Center.

Fans and fellow competitors worried Brown could be paralyzed or worse, and Bob Burnquist, the only competitor with a run remaining, said he thought seriously about just letting Brown, who was in first place, have the gold.

When Brown finally showed signs of stirring, the tension broke. Five minutes later, he walked away.

Vert skaters typically don't wear pads on their lower back and tailbone, but in the super-risky Big Air event many wear gear similar to body armor.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Jealous Man
By Tyrone Wells

Words of Daniel
Finally Unsealed

I don't tend to agree with Hal Lindsey about everything he says, but I think his words are worth considering. From WND:

It's hard to imagine how much America – and the world – has changed in just my lifetime. I was born at the beginning of the Depression. The United States was only a second-rate power until I was a young teenager. It emerged from World War II as a world power. By the time I was in my 20s, America was an undisputed superpower.

During the Cold War years, the world was essentially divided between two superpowers – The Soviet Union and the USA. I witnessed America rise from secondary power to become the greatest superpower on earth when the Soviet Union crumbled under the weight of its failed economic system.

Concurrently, I watched America's power decline from within. I witnessed the growing influence of socialist, liberal, secular humanist professors in our major universities during the 12 years I worked with college students. This influence spread as their students carried these ideas into careers in the media and politics.

As America drifted further and further from God, it embraced this godless ideology. The impact of this change soon became evident. Though we led the world in military technology and power, we've come to the point where the last war in which we won a decisive victory was the invasion of Grenada in 1983.

Today, we are debating whether or not to desert Iraq and let terrorists take it over as a major power base. It's stunning to contemplate that anyone could witness America travel from the peak of power to the precipice of destruction in a single lifetime.

Alvin Toffler saw this phenomenon developing. This was the basis of his 1970 best-seller "Future Shock." Toffler defines future shock as "the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time." Toffler predicted, "Millions of ordinary, psychologically normal people will face an abrupt collision with the future."

We live in much greater stress and anxiety because of the "exponential rate of change" that is accelerating in our world. The world into which I was born ceased to exist a long time ago. But the change was gradual enough to allow me time to adjust. The world into which people were born in the year 2000 is already disappearing. It will not exist by 2012.

Just try to figure what the impact of the following facts will be. There are 3,000 new books published every single day. We've gone from information overload to information explosion. More new information will be generated this year than in the previous five thousand years.

The technical knowledge explosion is governed by Moore's Law, which says computers will get twice as smart every 18 to 24 months. It takes four years to get a technical degree. By the time a student graduates, his education is virtually obsolete.

The prophet Daniel was given visions of the world as it would exist in the days leading to the Second Coming of Christ. The Apostle John was time-traveled forward to be an actual eyewitness of the final days of this age. Unfortunately, both men also suffered from the same communication difficulties. There were no words in their vocabularies to describe what they witnessed.

How could a man of the first century A.D. who has never seen a machine describe the technical marvels of the 21st century? John was told to write about what he saw. I think he did an inspired job.

Today, Daniel and Revelation are among the most discussed and debated books within the whole canon of Scripture. More expositions have been written in the past 10 years focusing on Daniel and Revelation than probably any other books in the Bible. It's as if the words of these books were sealed up until the time appointed.

Even 60 years ago, most of what Daniel predicted here didn't make sense. These things certainly did not make sense to the generations prior to the 20th century. Daniel, directly taught by Heaven's highest angel, Michael, said as much. Daniel asked the archangel, "As for me, I heard but could not understand; so I said, 'My lord, what will be the outcome of these events?'"

Note very carefully the archangel Michael's reply, "Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time. Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand."

This was the second time Michael told Daniel that the words were to be sealed until the time of the last days generation to whom they were addressed. The archangel concludes with special instructions to Daniel: "But as for you, Daniel, conceal – or encrypt – these words and seal up the book until the time of the end; many will go [travel] back and forth, and knowledge will increase."

Knowledge has greatly increased. And as we've seen will increase even more. Also, just as predicted in this verse, the limitations of time and space to travel have been exponentially decreased.

This has unlocked the encrypted prophetic messages that were intended for this generation. Current events have unlocked them further. All of these things point to the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon.

Don't put off your decision any longer. Time is rapidly running out for you to get ready to meet Him when He comes. Just recognize you are a sinner, and accept the gift of pardon He purchased for you in His own blood. He is coming, and soon.

Whether you are ready or not.

I want to add one thing to Mr. Lindsey's words. He talks about how the books of Daniel and Revelation didn't make sense until the past thrity years or so. People have been trying to interpret them forever, but there are verses in these books which simply were beyond reason as they were described.

For instance, when it said that all the people of the world would be given a mark, on their hand or forehead, with which they would buy and sell. How could such a thing happen in the pre-computer age?

Ok, now here is a verse from Revelation which I want you to consider:

... and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (Revelation 20:4)

Just in case you are not aware of this fact, this prophecy is already coming true in places like the Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. The news media does not report on it much, but those are the stories I have picked up over time.

I suspect the same thing is happening in Nigeria, the Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Hmm, what do you know? It was foretold thousands of years ago that we would, in the Last Days of Earth, face an enemy which would "behead" its enemies. The book of Revelation describes events which sound like, chemical, biological and nuclear attacks, but it also warns that we will be beheaded.

What do you think is going on here, my friends?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is The
Christian Church
Producing Atheists
Of A Lack
Of Substantive

Probably. It makes sense to me. I find that many of the young people at my church don't seem to know what "we" believe. Many have learned to be nice, meek, and mild in their behavior towards others, but don't seem to know anything of the core beliefs behind the beatitudes.

For men, especially, I believe this is a problem. As G.K. Chesterton said, "When a Man stops believing in God he doesn¹t then believe in nothing, he believes anything."

To which I would add, even atheism. Atheism is an logically unsustainable belief.

What the hell are you saying, Pastorius? It is belief in God which is not rational, but is instead depenedent upon Faith.

Yes, this is true. Faith is required for belief in God. But, Faith is also required to not believe in God, and yet, if one insists there is not God, then there is no reason to have faith that there is no God.

The fact is, and this is a law of logic, it is not possible to prove a negative. Therefore, it is impossible to prove that God does not exist. Therefore, it requires faith to insist that God does not exist.

Truth is, at best the issue is a shrug. What I mean by that is all we can do is shrug and say we don't know.


... we have Faith.

At the very least, those who do, indeed, believe in God, have the logic behind them that their Faith has an origin. Atheists simply lack that. Therefore, all who proclaim themselves atheists lie to themselves above all else. Truth is, they have no idea what they believe. They are Agnostics. That is a very different thing from being an Atheist.

Anyway, let's get back to the primary subject of this post. The Christian Church, especially in Europe, seems to have developed quite an incredible taelnt for producing people who proclaim themselves to be Atheists.

In other words, we, the Church, are good at producing people who are in rebellion against God, and who would lie to themselves, in order to sustain their rebellion.

Why would human beings do this?

Because, the Christian Church is not good at teaching the foundational ideas upon which our Faith is based. Instead, we teach mushy doctrine, and mushy doctrine leads to ideas which are logically unsustainable. Therefore, like the computer Hal in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, many people who were raised in the Church find themselves unable to live with the contradictions in their programming.

And, they set out to kill themselves, and God, because the fact of their sheer existence is a logically unsustainable event.

Ooh, I can't believe you said that, Pastorius. Surely, you don't really believe that that is the origin of man's problems. No, it is not the origin. Pride is the origin. But, having fallen into sin through Pride, man now finds himself living with logical paradoxes which are perceived as contradiction, if one is not sustained by Faith.

Because we were Created by God to be Rational, we are programmed to be unable to live with irrationality. It kills us, and it leads us to kill. The wages of sin are death. It is as simple as that. Eat of the fruit and you will surely die.

And, the only way out is to turn to Faith in God, and to thank your Maker for His Grace in providing Salvation, which I believe comes through the Blood of the Lamb which God provided. And His name was Yeshua Ben Josiah, which means Jesus Son of Joseph.

There you go.

Thanks to my friend Lady Vorzheva for passing this along to me:

Christian webmasters: Anthony Horvath - Snt Johnny

Self-described Christian apologist and 'Snt. Johnny' webmaster Anthony Horvath explains why he's using the Internet to spread the Word

By Robert Duncan

The Internet era is opening new communication avenues - and with it an ever-increasing number of electronic missionaries. Self-described Christian apologist Anthony Horvath is one such person who is uniting a love for his faith with technology.

That said Horvath, who runs the
Snt. Johnny website, starts from a pessimistic outlook toward what he believes is the current status of Christianity, and the Christian Church in general. The response, according to Horvath, is to be obedient to Peter's charge in 1 Peter 3:15 to always be ready to give the reasons for what we believe.

According to Horvath, who has a BA in pastoral ministry and is working on a Masters in Philosophy and Apologetics, the Church "is near total defeat because it has failed over the course of recent decades to present itself vigorously."

Horvath - who has worked as a religion teacher and Director for Parish Ministries at a Lutheran church in Wisconsin - says that many modern-day atheists claim to have had a Christian upbringing. And that is where the technology part of Horvath's mission meets his faith.

"People aren't going to their pastors for their information anymore. They're going to the Internet. People aren't leaving the Church just because they're bored with worship styles. People want substance and don't know that we have it," he says.

A quick glance at the Snt. Johnny website shows that Horvath at least appears to be avoiding what for many are "ecumenical hangups," to instead focus his attention on what he calls "propositional terms" for determining if a person is a Christian. A person is a Christian, Horvath argues, if he believes the three "Ecumenical creeds."

"At this point, some 1.5 billion people still hold to what are called the Ecumenical creeds, the Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creed. When the Lutherans disagreed with the Catholics, they called themselves something different (because their propositions in some cases varied) but they could still both be called “Christians” because both groups abided by the Ecumenical creeds," writes Horvath on his website.

While not anti-Catholic, the recent reiteration on the part of the Vatican regarding the definition of "Church" - which some Christians and press mistakenly thought the Vatican was declaring that non-Catholics were not Christians – does seem to rankle Horvath and his Lutheran background.

“There seems to be the attitude that merely belonging to the organizational framework of the Catholic Church is all that is 'required' of a person. The Scriptures really don't support that idea, and the apathy that results in many cases is completely predictable,” Horvath says, adding “But the problem isn't just in the Catholic Church. This notion that a person is 'safe' so long as they are members of some official congregation and that their soul is in jeopardy if they are not is seriously harming the Christian church.”

According to Horvath, “There are some people that have the notion that our job on the planet is to maintain the borders of the 'Church' and if possible, grow those borders. In a word, they think the goal is to win people for the Church. But in fact our job is to save those who are in eternal peril, in a word, save them for Christ.”

Horvath also has harsh words for some churches that “focus on entertaining young people - and adults, too - as though if we just keep them entertained well enough they'll stay in the church. That just isn't the reality. Keep them entertained well enough and many will have pleasant memories about the churches they used to go to and won't like it when people make fun of the church, but they themselves will have chosen to leave the faith altogether.”

“We need to ask ourselves what we are about and really live with the implications. Curriculum should be chosen because of its substance rather than its style. There needs to be more clarity from the earliest to the oldest ages on just what the doctrines of the Church are and how they are derived from the Scriptures,” says Horvath.

In that way, Horvath argues that one of his goals is to be a wake-up call to the united body of Christians. Horvath's mission is also in a large part a result of his having toyed with atheism after years of Christian education. Horvath explains, "First and foremost, the Church produces atheists by refusing to address the questions that young people have, but secondarily, the Church has failed to explain what it believes and why. Books like Richard Dawkins's "The God Delusion" and Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" do not become best sellers in a society that understands what Christianity is all about."

The solution, according to Horvath, is apologetics in the defence of the Christian faith.

"(What) I am talking about is apologetics at a much broader scale then normally understood. It should not be left to professors or specialists, such as C.S. Lewis. It needs to be incorporated into everything we do as the Church from cradle to grave."

Horvath cites the Resurrection of Jesus as an example, "It is one thing to state that the Christian church believes that Jesus rose from the dead, as a point of dogma and doctrine. It is another to state the belief and give the reasons for maintaining that belief."

While Horvath admits there are plenty of “fine apologetic” websites already, he believes his site is different from many others as, “I focus on dealing with the individual arguments of individual non-Christians and don't usually produce material for the broader audience. But the main difference is that this site is mine.”

Furthermore, Horvath notes that by having his own platform he can engage the the world using his own particular strengths. And while Horvath says that he has seen some people turn to Christianity, the thing to remember is that apologetics is very much 'pre-evangelism.'

"I have a real heart for the college kid looking for answers, but I think the big picture requires us to stop sending our youth out like lambs to the slaughter in the first place,” Horvath said. "The battle turns on the success or failure of the local congregations to step up to the challenge."

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jews Are
Behind The

Yes, the Sudanese Minister of the Interior says so:

Sudan’s defense minister, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has accused “24 Jewish organizations” of “fueling the conflict in Darfur” last week in an interview with a Saudi newspaper.

Hussein was interviewed during an official state-visit to the Saudi kingdom last week. A journalist from Saudi Arabia’s Okaz newspaper asked Hussein: “Some people are talking about the penetration of Jewish organizations in Darfur and that there is no conflict there?”

“The Darfur issue is being fuelled by 24 Jewish organizations, who are making the largest amount of noise over the issue, and using the Holocaust in their campaigning,” the Sudanese defense minister replied.

“Are these Jewish groups supporting (the rebels) financially?,” the interviewer from Okaz asked Hussein.

“Yes, they provide political and material support through their control over the media and across American and British circles,” Hussein said, adding that Jewish groups were using “all means to fuel these conflicts.”

First off, let's get this clear: The Sudan is an African country, but the Sudanese government is comprised of Arab Muslims. For twenty-four years they have been killing, raping, and enslaving black Christians, black Animists, and Africans of the peaceful Sufi sect of Islam.

Here's an article which details how the genocide progressed for over twenty years, leaving over 2 millions Christians and Animists dead.

Here's an article which explains the Jihadic roots of the Sudanese genocide (note, this online site is not my favorite source of information, but I'm just providing it as part of a package of information):

Note that this next article talks about how the genocide shifted in recent years. The first twenty years it was concentrated on Christians and Animists. Now, it is Muslim on Muslim. The predominantly Arab Muslim government is sponsoring the killing of Sufi Muslims (Sufi is the most love-oriented of Muslim sects) Also note that the article points out that France and other European countries oppose interfering because of oil interests in the Sudan:

Here's an article which talks about the shift to focus on the Sufi's.

Here's an article which explains a little bit about the philosophy of Sufism:

Sorry to give you so much information, but it is a complex situation.

I think it is very important that we Christians understand what is going on in the world. The media is simply not explaining this situation clearly. Therefore, while everyone knows that there is a genocide going on in "Darfur", few people understand that it is Muslims killing Christians, Animists, and Sufis as part of a wider Jihad, which unfortunately is spread across the entire world.

If you want, I will provide you information on how Islamic Jihad is going on everywhere in the world where Muslims represent a significant portion of the population.

I am not saying that all Muslims are evil. I am saying that there are verses within the Koran (which I will also provide you, if you want to see them) which support the waging of violent Jihad against all "non-believers."

Therefore, it is easy for radicals to hype unhappy people in the Muslim world into a state where they will kill.

That is not surprising is it?

We Christians need to understand that while we may not think of this as a Holy War, they do.

They are killing our fellow Christians because we are Christans.

Even Better
Than The
Real Thing:
In The
Virtual World

The Jesuits are asking their followers to take the Gospel into the virtual world of Second Life, and I agree:

ROME (Reuters) - Catholic missionaries have always trekked to dangerous parts of the Earth to spread the word of God -- now they are being encouraged to go into the virtual realm of Second Life to save virtual souls.

In an article in Rome-based Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, academic Antonio Spadaro urged fellow Catholics not to be scared of entering the virtual world which may be fertile ground for new converts wishing to better themselves.

"It's not possible to close our eyes to this phenomenon or rush to judge it," Spadaro said. "Instead it needs to be understood ... the best way to understand it is to enter it."

Second Life is a simulation game where players can create a virtual version of themselves -- an avatar -- and interact with other people in the three-dimensional world.

According to its Web site, it has a population of more than 8 million residents and millions of dollars change hands there every month.

"Is there (cyber) space for God?" Spadaro aaka in his article which says there are already virtual churches and temples serving countless religions. He quotes a Swedish Muslim who says his avatar prays regularly as he prays in real life.

Spadaro warns the uninitiated that "the erotic dimension is very present" in Second Life, that people can buy genitalia for their avatars in a world that is "open to any form of erotic stimulation from prostitution to pedophilia."

While the virtual world might be a refuge for some people seeking to flee the real one, it is also full of people seeking something more from life, including, possibly, religious enlightenment, he said.

"Deep down, the digital world can be considered, in its way, mission territory," he said. "Second Life is somewhere where the opportunity to meet people and to grow should not be missed, therefore, any initiative that can inspire the residents in a positive way should be considered opportune."

An old Pastor of mine used to say, if you want to hang with humans, you gotta realize you're gonna get humanity all over you.

This Jesuit academic is very wise. He is right. Christians must brave all new frontiers, no matter how fraught with temptation they are.

Does that mean that everyone has the calling to do this kind of work? Certainly not. But, I'm sure that there are those who do.