Saturday, September 08, 2007

"It's A Lot
Here Than
It It Is
Back Home"

A Muslima admitting that it is "hard" to wear the hihab.

Imagine being bound to the burqa.

And, think upon her words. She is telling you, it is a stuggle to wear the veil. If you listen to her words carefully, you will understand that she is another woman stuggling under the weight of Islmaic oppression.

This is not some crazy Islmaofascist bitch you are watching.

Instead, you are witnessing the enveloping of a real human being; a real soul within a real human body. You are witnessing a person being defeated. How sad.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tom Daschle's
Praises Terrorists
And Attacks Jews
On Hizballah TV

From Reliapundit at the Astute Blogger:






As Reliapundit says, "You can't make this stuff up."

The Thinking
Blogger Awards

So, my friend Lady Vorzheva nominated me for a "Thinking Blogger Award".

I like that idea.

I think this is the second year in a row I have been nominated. And then, those who receive the nomination probably take a look at my blog and think silently to themselve, "WTF? This guy? A thinker?"

Anyway, as one who is nominated, it is my responsibility to nominate others as well. Let's see, who are the newer bloggers I am reading these days.

Well first off, let's give props where props are due:

1) Pamela at Atlas Shrugs. My bud and inspiration.

2) Jeremaykovka at Jeremayakovka. Fighting lonely battles 24/7.

3) Rick Darby at Reflecting Light. A unique, and tremendously thoughtful, blog in the counter-Jihad movement.

4) UP Pompeii, written with passion by Gandalf, one of the few British warriors who makes himself known at this point in time.

5) Drunken Blogging by Jonz. Jonz is, like Pamela, a friend and an inspiration to me. Check him out.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Free The
Jena 6

From Pursuing Holiness:

If you don’t know about the Jena Six, read this first: The Jena 6: Since When Do Teenage Boys Watch Lonesome Dove?. Charges have been reduced for one of the Jena 6.

JENA, La. (AP) - Attempted murder and conspiracy charges against a black high school student accused in the December beating of a white student escalating
racial tensions were reduced Monday to less serious charges that could mean far
less time in prison if he is convicted.

Mychale Bell still faces trial Tuesday on charges stemming from the Dec. 4 beating. But instead of facing sentences totalling 80 years, he now faces maximum sentences totalling 22 years if convicted.

Bell was one of five black Jena High School students charged in the beating, which occurred about three months after three white students were suspended for hanging nooses from a school yard tree.

Another juvenile, whose identity and charges were not released because
of his age, was also accused. They were dubbed the “Jena Six” by supporters who
say the attempted murder charges resulted from racism by authorities and were
far out of proportion to the seriousness of the crime.

However, charges being reduced doesn’t get anyone out of jail. And these charges ARE ridiculous. This was a high school fight, in which the student who was assaulted was brought to the ER and quickly released. Do I wish the fight hadn’t occurred? Certainly, along with everyone else. But let’s recall what led to the fight - here’s the summary by Friends of Justice, with my emphasis and notes in brackets.

• On Thursday, August 31, 2006, a small group of black students asked if they could sit under a tree on the traditionally white side of the Jena High School
square. [They felt it necessary to ASK. What does that say?]
• The students were informed by the Vice Principal that they could sit wherever they pleased.
• The following day, September 1, 2006, three nooses were found hanging from
the tree in question. Two of the nooses were black and one was gold: the Jena
High School colors.
• On Tuesday night, September 5, 2006, a group of black parents convened at the L&A Missionary Baptist Church in Jena to discuss their response to what they considered a hate crime and an act of intimidation.
[No laws were broken by hanging these nooses, nor should we have laws for motive
instead of action. But it certainly fell under the school disciplinary
• When black students staged an impromptu protest under the tree on Wednesday, September 6, 2006, a school assembly was hastily convened. Flanked by police officers, District Attorney Reed Walters warned black students that additional unrest would be treated as a criminal matter. According to multiple witnesses, Walters warned the black student protestors that, “I can make your
lives disappear with a stroke of my pen.” This was widely interpreted as a
reference to the filing of charges carrying a maximum sentence of life in
prison. [An assembly basically convened to tell the black students to “simmah
down, boy.”]
• On Thursday, September 7th, police officers patrolled the halls of Jena High School and on Friday, September 8th, the school was placed on full lockdown. Most students, black and white, either stayed home, or were picked up by parents shortly after the lockdown was imposed. The Jena Times suggested that black parents were to blame for the unrest at the school because their September 5th gathering had attracted media attention. [What would you do if your child was threatened?]
• Principal Scott Windham recommended to an expulsion hearing committee that the three white boys responsible for hanging the nooses in the tree should be expelled from school. [Very wise.]
• On Thursday September 7, 2006, asserting that the noose were merely a silly prank
inspired by a hanging scene in the television min-series ‘Lonesome Dove’, the
committee opted for a few days of in-school suspension. The names of the three
students were not released to the public for reasons of confidentiality.
[Teenage boys watch MTV, not Hallmark channel mini-series. Give me a freaking
• According to press accounts, on September 10, 2006, several dozen
black parents attempted to address a meeting of the school board but were
refused an opportunity to speak.
• At a second September meeting of the school board, September 18, 2006, a representative of the black families was allowed to give a five-minute statement, but school board refused to discuss the “noose issue” because the matter had been fully addressed and resolved.

Although few major disciplinary issues emerged during the fall semester at Jena
High School, there is strong evidence that several black male students remained
unusually agitated throughout the semester and that disciplinary referrals on
these students spiked sharply.
• On Thursday, November 30, 2006, the academic wing of the Jena High School was largely destroyed by a massive fire. Officials strongly suspect arson.
• Throughout the following weekend, Jena was engulfed by a wave of racially tinged violence.
• In one incident, a black student was assaulted by a white adult as he entered a predominantly white partly held at the Fair Barn (a large metal building reserved for social events). After being struck in the face without warning, the young black student was assaulted by white students wielding beer bottles and was punched and kicked before adults broke up the fight. It has been reported that the white assailant who threw the first punch was subsequently charged with simple battery (a
misdemeanor), but there is no documentary evidence that anyone was charged.
• In a second major incident, a white high school graduate who had been
involved in the assault the night before pulled a pump-action shotgun on three
black high school students as they exited the Gotta-Go, a local convenience
store. After a brief struggle for possession of the firearm, the black students
exited the scene with the weapon. [According to Mother Jones, the black students
were charged with aggravated battery and theft.]
• The Jena Times has reported that, in light of these racially-tinged incidents, several high school teachers begged school administrators to postpone the resumption of classes until the wave of hysteria had dissipated. This request was ignored and classes resumed the morning of Monday, December 4, 2006.
• Shortly after the lunch hour of Monday, December 4, 2006, a fight between a white student and a black student reportedly ended with the white student [Justin Barker, later arrested for having a rifle with 13 bullets in his truck in the school parking lot.] being knocked to the floor. Several black students reportedly attacked the white student as he lay unconscious. Because the incident took place in a crowded area and was over in a matter of seconds eye witness accounts vary widely. Written
statements from students closest to the scene (in space and time) suggest that
the incident was sparked by an angry exchange in the gymnasium moments before in
which the black student assaulted at the Fair Barn was taunted for having his
“ass whipped”.
• The victim of the attack is close friends of the boys who have admitted to hanging the nooses in September of 2006.
• Within an hour of the fight, six black students were arrested and charged with aggravated battery. [According to the Chicago Trib it was originally “attempted
second-degree murder and other offenses, for which they could face a maximum of
100 years in prison if convicted.“] According to The Jena Times, at least a
dozen teachers subsequently threatened a “sick-out” if discipline was not
restored to the school. According to the Alexandria Town Talk, District Attorney
Reed Walters responded to the teacher’s threat by upping the charges on the six
boys to attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree
murder—charges carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Where was that swift justice for the student assaulted at the Fair Barn? Why was the man with the shotgun not arrested but the students he threatened at gunpoint charged? Those events occurred long before Jena D.A. Reed Walters wrote in the Jena Times,

“I will not tolerate this type of behavior,” Walters wrote. “To those who act in this manner, I tell you that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and with the harshest crimes that the facts justify. When you are convicted, I will seek the maximum penalty allowed by law. I will see to it that you never again menace the students at any school in this parish.”

The white boy who threw the first punch at the black student [Robert Bailey Jr.] at the Fair Barn was charged with simple battery - others who took part in the beating were not charged at all. The white adult (a Jena high school graduate) who threatened three black Jena students with a shotgun was not charged with a crime. Evidently behavior worse than high school students beating another high school student is, in fact, tolerable and not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because the Fair Barn beating was a mirror incident to the Jena High School beating. There’s no comparison to the shotgun threat - unless you count the noose threat, also by whites against blacks. And make no mistake - it was a threat. This is the south, and anyone from here understands the symbolism of a noose. In this circumstance, it was unmistakable.

Now two of these kids [Mychale Bell and Theodore Shaw] have sat in jail (due to the lack of a $90,000 bond - $90k for a high school fight!!) since December 4th. So far, nearly seven months in jail for a high school fight. The charges have been reduced to aggravated assault, instead of attempted 2nd degree murder. This is the game they’re playing in Jena - set the bond ridiculously high to keep them in jail, and keep delaying the trial. If the case is dismissed tomorrow, they’ve still spent more than six months in jail for a high school fight. They were not able to graduate. One of the students, Carwin Jones, is a promising athlete who had college scholarships waiting for him. The scholarships are now withdrawn. The kids’ lawyers have been asking for a speedy trial, which they have the right to. But the prosecutor just can’t seem to get his witnesses together… in this tiny little town of about 3,000 people, where folks know each other. Convenient, that. The students should have been expelled for fighting. There’s no excuse for it, even though they were sorely provoked. But six months - so far - in jail for a high school fight in which no one was seriously hurt is a disgrace. The discrepancy between how the whites were treated and how the blacks were treated is painfully obvious.

As the expression goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you. The stopped clocks of the ACLU, Mother Jones, a Daily Kos diarist, Pravda and Al Sharpton may still be right twice a day, and this is one of those times.

At this point - since they’re not going to get the nearly seven months back, and the scholarships may also be gone forever, as will their reputations, I’m rooting for the Jena Six, or at minimum the two who have spent half a year in jail, to end up with a whopping big settlement that all but bankrupts the town of Jena.

Tony Snow's Faith

A stellar post from Dee at Astute Bloggers:

When you enter the Valley of the Shadow of Death, things change.
--Tony Snow

My respect and admiration for Tony Snow has only increased the more I have grown to know him.

I first heard him when he would be a guest host for Rush on his radio show. Then I watched him on Fox News Sunday and then I became a fan of his radio show.

He is a guy who has firm beliefs and principles, he is a man who loves God and his family and he's just a very nice guy. Unless you are a Kos kiddie I would think it would be very hard to dislike Tony Snow.

All of this explains why I was SO EXCITED when he became Bush's press secretary. Since then we have seen him deal with cancer with grace, strength, faith and optimism. When his cancer returned I had sent him an email just letting him know that I was praying for him. His response was very touching even though I'm sure it was the response he sent to all of us who offered up our prayers. Here is the email:


Thanks so much for the kind note - and for including me in your thoughts
and prayers.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you thinking of me and raising my
name in prayer. Prayers have enormous power. They're good medicine - and
they certainly have lifted my spirits. I feel as if I have been borne on
the shoulders of thousands of friends, all of whom have made the ride
easier than I ever could have imagined.

We're blessed to live in a land where people just want an excuse to do
something good for someone else. Thanks for taking advantage of that
opportunity with me. Please encourage others to do it closer to home for
other friends in need. Kind words, notes, emails, and small gestures
have a way of lightening the load, while making our own lives richer and
more rewarding.

Again, thanks for the incredible gift of caring.

God bless,
Last night, a friend of mine sent me the link to an interview that Christianity Today did with Tony Snow entitled, Cancer's Unexpected Blessings. It just reaffirmed why I think so highly of him and I was so impressed with his faith and his outlook on life. Here are some excerpts but I encourage you to read the whole article:

...we can open our eyes and hearts. God relishes surprise. We want lives of simple, predictable ease—smooth, even trails as far as the eye can see—but God likes to go off-road. He provokes us with twists and turns. He places us in predicaments that seem to defy our endurance and comprehension—and yet don't. By his love and grace, we persevere. The challenges that make our hearts leap and stomachs churn invariably strengthen our faith and grant measures of wisdom and joy we would not experience otherwise.
We get repeated chances to learn that life is not about us—that we acquire purpose and satisfaction by sharing in God's love for others. Sickness gets us partway there. It reminds us of our limitations and dependence. But it also gives us a chance to serve the healthy. A minister friend of mine observes that people suffering grave afflictions often acquire the faith of two people, while loved ones accept the burden of two people's worries and fears.

Most of us have watched friends as they drifted toward God's arms not with resignation, but with peace and hope. In so doing, they have taught us not how to die, but how to live. They have emulated Christ by transmitting the power and authority of love.
Through such trials, God bids us to choose: Do we believe, or do we not? Will we be bold enough to love, daring enough to serve, humble enough to submit, and strong enough to acknowledge our limitations? Can we surrender our concern in things that don't matter so that we might devote our remaining days to things that do?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hamas Bans
Friday Prayers

This really ought to be a lesson to those of us here in the Western world. Hamas has banned Fatah from holding Friday prayer services. As Charles explains it:

In our ironic story of the day, Hamas is shutting down Fatah’s Friday prayers in Gaza, because they know very well how much rage can be evoked by a skillful Sheikh.

GAZA, Sept 4 (Reuters) - Hamas on Tuesday banned open-air prayers organised
by the rival Fatah faction in the Gaza Strip, gatherings that have turned into
weekly protests against the territory’s Islamist rulers.

Backed by a ruling by the pro-Hamas Palestine Clerics Federation,
Hamas’s Gaza-based government said it had “decided to prevent any gatherings
under the pretext of Friday (Muslim) prayers”.

In a statement, the Hamas administration said Fatah had used outdoor
worship on the Muslim rest day to sow “chaos and sedition” in the Gaza

Over the past several weeks, Friday prayers organised by Fatah, headed
by Western-backed President Mahmoud Abbas, have led to clashes with Hamas
security forces.

The clerics federation, in a religious edict, said the violence at the
gatherings violated the sanctity of Friday worship.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The U.N.
Planning Session For
The Second Holocaust?

That's what Pamela calls it, and that's how it would seem to me it might very likely be remembered by the history books.

The U.N. Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People is full of delegates all puffed up on their own moral pride. So puffed are they that they are unable to see themselves in the larger context of history. They will be blessed to be dead, so that they will not ever have to face the fact that what they see themselves as good service to humanity, they will be remembered alongside Hitler's willinge executioners.

This article is from Daniel Schwammenthal of the Wall Street Journal:

"Israel is an apartheid state," was the most often-heard charge, closely
followed by calls for a boycott. The West should cut its economic ties with the Jewish state, the speakers urged, and engage the "democratically elected" Islamists now running Gaza.

No, this was not a Hamas rally somewhere in
the Palestinian territories. This was Brussels, where the European Parliament
last week played host to the "United Nations International Conference of Civil
Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace."

If the conference title's inversion of the truth is reminiscent of Communist-style propaganda, this is no coincidence. The meeting was organized by the U.N. Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, a Soviet-era body founded around the time of the 1975 U.N. "Zionism is racism" resolution. That anti-Semitic resolution was revoked in 1991 but the committee continued its activities in the resolution's original spirit.

Speaker after speaker at
the European Parliament on Thursday and Friday presented the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict from an exclusively Palestinian perspective. Israel was accused of
human rights violations while Palestinian terrorism and incitement went
unmentioned. The delegates invoked the Israeli occupation as the underlying
cause for the conflict without mentioning the Palestinian rejectionism and
violence that prevent further Israeli withdrawals. The "right of return" of
millions of Palestinians, which would lead to the demographic destruction of
Israel as a Jewish state, was upheld despite the official claim to favor a
two-state solution.

Amid this standard-Israel-bashing, a few delegates
managed to come up with a few innovative charges against the Jewish state.

There was Clare Short, a member of the British Parliament and Secretary for International Development under Prime Minister Tony Blair until she resigned in 2003 over the Iraq war. Claiming that Israel is actually "much worse than the original apartheid state" and accusing it of "killing (Palestinian) political leaders," Ms. Short charged the Jewish state with the ultimate crime: Israel "undermines the international community's reaction to global warming." According
to Ms. Short, the Middle East conflict distracts the world from the real
problem: man-made climate change. If extreme weather will lead to the "end of the human race," as Ms. Short warned it could, add this to the list of the crimes of Israel.

The U.S. also came in for criticism. Pierre Galand,
chairman of the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine, admonished Washington for increasing its military aid to Israel. What really worried Mr. Galand was that this aid would allow Israel to build a missile defense system. In Mr. Galand's view, Israel's ability to protect itself against possible nuclear-tipped Iranian missiles doesn't serve the "cause of peace."

Speaking at the conference's opening session, Edward
McMillan-Scott, British vice president of the European Parliament, told the
audience that, "It is also worth noting that I am related to Colonel T. E.
Lawrence of Arabia." Having thus established his noble pedigree, he later told
me that Hamas was "not a terrorist organization."
Perhaps Mr. McMillan-Scott is aspiring to the title of Edward of Hamastan?

The only attempt among the
dozens of speakers to present the other side came from an Arab-Israeli. Nadia
Hilou, a member of the Israeli Parliament (so much for the "apartheid" charge)
explained why her countrymen are pessimistic about the prospects for peace.
"It's the disappointment that the withdrawals from Gaza and Lebanon, which were
seen as gestures of good will, have worsened not improved Israel's security
situation." Having failed to stick to her assigned role as witness for the
prosecution, Ms. Hilou is unlikely to be invited back.

One is tempted to
dismiss the conference as of little practical consequence. Another U.N.
conference bashing Israel -- what else is new? Bronislaw Geremek, a former
Polish foreign minister and current member of the European Parliament,
disagrees. That his house has played host to this "revolting" meeting, he told
me, will further diminish Europe's credibility as an even-handed peace broker in
Israeli eyes. Mr. Geremek, together with a group of like-minded lawmakers, many
also Polish, tried in vain to stop the conference from taking place.

U.N. gathering in Brussels, though, did more than just sow distrust between
Europe and Israel. It was a further step in the growing campaign to delegitimize
and demonize Israel. The calls for a boycott, championed first by radical
Palestinians, have already been adopted by some mainstream organizations, such
as various British unions. Similarly, the idea of establishing contacts with
Hamas has been echoed recently by high-profile politicians. Italian Prime
Minister Romano Prodi, a former EU Commission President, suggested talking to
Hamas last month to help it "develop." (He later backtracked.) The British
Parliament's foreign affairs committee also recommended last month to engage
with Hamas. The U.K. lawmakers even added Hezbollah and Egypt's Muslim
Brotherhood to their wish list of dialogue partners -- all in the interest of
peace, of course.

By hosting this conference, the European Parliament
has lent its good name to propaganda and helped to make radical anti-Israeli
claims more mainstream. It's a huge disservice to the search for Mideast peace,
which must be based on compromise and dialogue.

Congressman Keith Ellison
Asked To Join
Task Force
On Anti-Semitism
After Speaking To
Muslim Group

Ketih Ellison, America's first Islamic Congressman, was rewarded for speaking to a Jew-hating Muslim group called the Muslim American Society by receiving an invitation to sit on a prestigious Congressional Task Force (From Atlas Shrugs):

(Coral Springs, FL) Congressman Keith Ellison is touting on his website that he has been named to the bi-partisan Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism (CTFAS). This, after Ellison gave a speech in front of the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS-Minnesota), a group that propagates material on its website calling for the murder of Jews.
The Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism was founded through the Congressional Human Rights Caucus by Holocaust survivor, Congressman Tom Lantos. The group was
launched in the beginning of August. According to the Human Rights Caucus, “The Task Force's primary role is to bring to light specific cases of anti-Semitism and educate Members of Congress, world leaders and citizens about the horrors that these cases pose on society.”
Last month, CTFAS invited U.S. Congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison, to join its group -- only three months after Ellison gave the
Keynote address to the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society, a group propagating the worst of anti-Semitism on its website, including calls for the murder of Jews. Some of the statements found on MAS-Minnesota’s site include:

  • “The Holy Prophet (and through him the Muslims) has been reassured that he should not mind the enmity, the evil designs and the machinations of the Jews...”
  • “In view of the degenerate moral condition of the Jews and the Christians, the Believers have been warned not to make them their friends and confidants.”
  • “If you gain victory over the men of Jews, kill them.”
  • “May Allah destroy the Jews, because they used the graves of their prophets as places of worship.”

A counter found on the homepage of the American Against Hate (AAH) website is keeping track of the number of days that Ellison has refused to condemn the Muslim American Society for spreading such hatred. It is currently at 89 days. AAH demands that CTFAS remove Congressman Ellison from its group for refusing to condemn MAS. AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman stated, “It is highly offensive for a Congressional task force on anti-Semitism to allow a man that willingly speaks in front of anti-Semitic groups to be associated with its organization. CTFAS needs to end its relationship with Ellison immediately.” For more information about this subject, see Ellison Now Part of Anti-Semitism Task Force on the Let Freedom Ring blog.

Good job, Congressman Lantos, you reall know how to watch out for your people.