Saturday, September 29, 2007

You Are Good

A song by Israel Houghton.

A Pillar Of Salt

A song by The Thermals.

In Illinois
The Avoid
Offending Muslims

You see, it offends Muslims when Christians celebrate their holidays. When Muslims celebrate, meanwhile, we're all supposed to be happy for them.

So long Halloween parade. Farewell Santa's gift shop.

The long-celebrated holiday traditions are facing elimination in some Oak Lawn schools this year after complaints the activities are offensive, particularly to Muslim students.
Final decisions on which of the festivities will be axed will fall to the principals at each of Ridgeland School District 122's five schools, Supt. Tom Smyth said.

Parents expect the announcement to add to the tension that's been building since school administrators agreed earlier this month to change the lunch menu to exclude items containing pork to accommodate Muslim students. News that Jell-O was struck from the menu caused such a stir that officials since have agreed to bring the popular dessert back.

Jello is anti-Islamic too?

Read more, if you dare.

The United Nations:
Where Stating
The Obvious
Can Be
A Breakthrough

From LGF:

The flying pig remains in the hangar, because words are cheap: UN: We have criticized Israel unfairly.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has not managed to deal fairly with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the council’s president Doru-Romulus Costea told a Spanish newspaper on Saturday, according to Israel Radio.

Doru admitted that he was dissatisfied with the fact the council had overly focused on the degree of human rights violations by Israel.

“The body which I head must examine the actions of both sides equally, and we have not done that,” said Costea. “Clearly, from now on things need to change.”

Leaving The Political Plantation

Here's an interesting video about the experience of blacks who are leaving the political plantation of the traditional Democratic party. You know, the party that throws out the feedbag of welfare and government services in exchange for votes, and then expects their constituency to keep their mouths shut while they sell them out for the next two to six years.

You know that traditional Democratic Party.

Anyway, check it out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

No Really,
I'm Not

Tom Cruise is building a $10 million bunker "against alien attack."

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is planning to build a bunker at his Colorado home to protect his family in the event of an intergalactic alien attack, according to new reports.

The Mission Impossible actor, who is a dedicated follower of Scientology, is reportedly fearful that deposed galactic ruler 'Xenu' is plotting an evil revenge attack on Earth.

According to American magazine Star, a source said: "Tom is planning to build a US$10 million bunker under his Telluride estate."

"It's a self-contained underground shelter with a high tech air purifying shelter."

The facility is said to have enough room for ten people - including wife Katie Holmes, 17-month-old daughter Suri and his adopted children Isabella, 14, and Connor, 12.

You know what I think? I think Tom Cruise is the alien.


U.S. State Dept. Says,
No Israeli
Jews Allowed

From Yid With Lid:

Where was the ACLU? How come Congressman Ellison isn't screaming about profiling. Here we go again with another example of how the PC police only cares when things are convenient for them. According to Israel National News. The US State Department was funding a business training course for middle east residents, run by the University of California (no surprise there).

This program was initially open to citizens of "Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel (limited to Israeli Arab citizens), Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, West Bank/Gaza and Yemen."

That was of course until an Israeli Jew you checked the program out. When she saw the biased criteria, she took action via emails, and publicized this issue enough that individuals and journalists became interested too, leading to the changes made by the Beyster Institute.

INN picks up the story:

Univ. of
Cal. Backs Down from 'No Jews Allowed' Program

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( A U.S. State Department-funded University of California
program which provides business training for residents of the Middle East
specifically excluded Israeli Jews - until Jewish journalists protested.

The University of California has now altered the program's eligibility
requirement that initially barred Israeli Jews. The turnaround in policy also
may have saved the State Department, whose Middle East Partnership Initiative
(MEPI) finances the program, from having to provide an embarrassing explanation.
MEPI also selects the participants.Jerusalem-based marketing specialist and
businesswoman Miriam Schwab uncovered the bias last week when she checked into
applying to the university's San Diego branch Beyster Institute program for
Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET). She discovered that the program was
open to citizens of "Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel (limited to Israeli
Arab citizens), Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, West Bank/Gaza and Yemen."

The Beyster Institute, which manages the program, offers three 10-day
seminars, each one with 20 eligible participants. The program includes
professional coaching and offers opportunities to make new contacts and "to help
promising leaders realize their aspirations to build successful [businesses]...
The participation of women is highly encouraged."

The Canadian-born Schwab, who moved to Israel 10 years ago, said she
was interested in the program because she employs two women in her Illuminea
company in Jerusalem. "This program sounded really interesting until I got to
the part about eligibility for application," she wrote on an e-mail

The MEET program ostensibly "does not discriminate on the basis of sex,
race, color, age, religion, national origin, or handicap."

In response to an question for confirmation of
the restriction in Israel, program manager Mona Yousry verified, "It is only for
Arab Israelis." A subsequent question as to why Israeli Jews are not eligible
for the program elicited the following reply from the Institute's Director of
Entrepreneurial Programs, Rob Fuller: "I’m sorry for the unfortunate
misunderstanding about eligibility for the new MEET program. To be clear, for
the programs for which we are now recruiting to be held in 2008, ALL Israeli
citizens are eligible to participate. Sorry for any confusion we may have
inadvertently caused."

Israeli Jews originally were excluded despite the program’s stated
advantage as "an important cultural exchange." Fuller did not explain the
initial "confusion" in barring Israeli Jews.
The programs are to be held in
Jordan, Egypt and Morocco, all of which have relations with Israel.

Following the e-mail complaints to Beyster, the US Embassy of Yemen
online document which announces the program was down for more than a day until
the words "limited to Israeli Arab citizens" were deleted. [View the document
announcing the program by clicking here. Link disabled

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad Meets
With Muslim Leaders
Denies The Holocaust

What's a little Holocaust denial between friends? From the Iranian Republic News Agency, via LGF:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday that the US has turned to a large prison where the media are keeping the American people away from truth.

Addressing a group of US Muslim leaders, he said Holocaust was a pretext for occupation of Palestine and making over 5,000 innocent people homeless.

On dispute between the Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq, the Iranian president said there is no difference between the real faithful people. The differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims have been created by enemies, he added.

As to the issue of nuclear energy, he said, “We are against nuclear weapons. We do not accept it and even believe that the big powers should be disarmed of nuclear weapons.”

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is blaming American dislike of Ahmadinejad on "the Israel lobby."

WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress signaled its disapproval of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a vote Tuesday to tighten sanctions against his government and a call to designate his army a terrorist group.

The swift rebuke was a rare display of bipartisan cooperation in a Congress bitterly divided on the Iraq war. It reflected lawmakers’ long-standing nervousness about Tehran’s intentions in the region, particularly toward Israel—a sentiment fueled by the pro-Israeli lobby whose influence reaches across party lines in Congress.

Got it? This is the same stuff that happened in Europe and America back in the late-1930's and early 1940's. This kind of media-fueled anti-Semitism was all the rage in the years leading up to the Holocaust.

Where do you think it will end this time?

Columbia University's Squalid Mistake

From the New York Post, by way of LGF:

COLUMBIA University President Lee Bollinger yesterday made some cutting criticisms while introducing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - but that doesn’t make the school’s decision to offer a platform to the head of a violent terrorist state any less abject, squalid or shameless.

“Abject, squalid, shameless” is how Winston Churchill described the resolution passed by Oxford University’s prestigious Debating Union in 1933 - the year Adolf Hitler came to power - that “this House will under no circumstances fight for King and Country.”

And Columbia’s event, like the 1933 Oxford resolution, sent (to quote Churchill again) a “very disquieting and disgusting message” to friends and enemies alike.

Many American’s won’t see that; their blindness goes to the heart of the “red-blue” divide in our country - much like the one in ‘30s Britain that split men like Churchill from the exponents of appeasing Europe’s dictators.

On one side of that chasm, there is outrage and incomprehension that anyone could extend an invitation to a sworn enemy of the United States to speak on an American campus (a campus, moreover, that bans its own military’s ROTC); that the head of the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism attacks be welcomed anywhere in the city that was 9/11’s principal target; that a Holocaust-denier be welcomed to a university that has so many Jewish students and alumni.
On the other side, again, there is incomprehension that anyone should be offended. And that is the problem.

President Bollinger argues that a university is above all a forum for hearing conflicting views and opinions - as if Ahmadinejad were some controversial social theorist, not the leader of the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. In other words, this is a matter of “free speech.”
Yet the real issue is not about words but actions - actions with consequences in an ongoing conflict in which American soldiers are being killed and Iranian dissidents are being beaten and tortured every day. And what Bollinger’s actions (as opposed to his words) reveal is that Columbia somehow considers itself neutral ground in the War on Terror.

Read the whole thing...

Ahmadinejad And
The Astounding Ignorance Of
The Global Community

Sorry to be cynical, but what an amazingly stupid world we live in:

If you’re tempted to think that Ahmadinejad’s Columbia appearance discredited him, and that most people around the world saw through his lies and evasions and now have a deeper understanding of Iran’s schemes as a result, think again.

The president of Iran had a wonderful chance at Columbia to act as the more
educated and civil person, and he used that chance.

America needs to
recognize that Iran’s hostilities will not falter as long as ours hold so high.
A little bit of trust could make them no longer have desire to use the weapons
they may or may not have. Unless the west intends on starting a war, it may be
beneficial to placate them, otherwise we won’t make any progress whatsoever.

Columbia wasted a good chance there.

Galen, Connecticut, USA


The reactions and actions of American unlearned society and
their institutional behaviour at Columbia University shows how arrogant
Americans are. American education is geared toward bully rather than the pursuit
of knowledge. By insulting Ahmadinejad Americans have shown the world their
shallow, hallow cognition. I had predicted this would happen. American politics,
civil administration and social institutions are intertwined. You are with us or
against us is the thinking. What a dementia hell

Obwota Omwony, Magwi,


America attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and achieved
nothing! and you are calling the Iranian president a terrorist! America was all
too happy to snuggle up to Iran when the shah was in power and acted deaf dumb
and blind while he slaughtered his people! or did you all forget that, i suppose
you are all still hung up about the whole American Embassy fiasco! but your
quick to forget your government is responsible for deaths of 1000s of innocent
Iraqi civilians because of the so called war on terror

Kawther Al-Aaraji


This was not an invitation to embrace freedom of speech. It
was a propaganda campaign organized by Mr. Bollinger and co. - one which they
lost to Ahmadinejad. How can the president of a famous university be so
“astonishingly uneducated” as to take it upon himself to dictate to his audience
what to think of his guest? Is this freedom of thought, common courtsey?
Rather than insulting a nation by insulting its elected president, Mr.
Bollinger should take a look at his own president right at home.



The Iranian President’s visit to the U.S. has served
to help Americans understand Iran’s perspective on various issues and also
Iranians in general better. There should be more of these types of cultural
exchanges to foster understanding between the two sides. I think that the
Iranian President was bold in taking this step and I hope Americans recognize
this fact.

Brijesh Shah, New York, United States


Although Ahmadinejad (AJad) is no saint, he managed to score some very
good points. He stayed composed in the face of childish insults from
Bolwinkel:),he made some very good points on hypocrisy of US with regards to
terrorits & Nuclear issue. As he pointed out, US has designated the MEK as a
terrorist organization yet it harbors them in Iraq because they serve its
purpose. AJad’s speech showed the hypocrisy of the West and media that were
trying so hard to discredit him by spinning the outcome!

Bahram, San

There are currently 31 pages of this stuff at the BBC web site, overwhelmingly in favor of Ahmadinejad. The comments above are just from the first page.

John Bolton On Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

John Bolton is the man. He always tells it like it is. There are no politics with this guy. I believe he will be President of the United States someday. He is probably this generation's Churchill.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bill Evans Trio (1962) - Blue In Green

Bill Evans - Piano

Lester Bowie

One of the great trumpet players in jazz history.

Yom Kippur At Columbia University

From the New York Sun:

Jewish students at Columbia who went to their computers after breaking the fast for Yom Kippur were met Saturday evening with a link on the Drudge Report to an interview with the dean of the School of International and Public Affairs saying that he'd have been happy to welcome Hitler to the campus. The interview, aired on Fox News, was with John Coatsworth. He is seen in the Day of Atonement broadcast chuckling like a veritable Mearsheimer or Walt. Could he be oblivious to the impact his words were going to have in a Jewish community already on notice that its sensibilities were of little rank to either the president or the faculty of the university? Columbia, it seems, is bound and determined to honor the president of Iran and provide him with a platform to agitate against our country, and Israel, in midst of a war in which our GIs are facing Iranian backed forces on the field of battle.

Dean Coatsworth seems to be laboring under the illusion that had Columbia actually hosted Hitler in the late 1930s, World War II and the war against the Jews might have been prevented. The dean appears to be ignorant of history. The archives of the New York Times disclose that in December 1933, Columbia's president, Nicholas Butler, extended an invitation to Hitler's ambassador, Hans Luther. A protest was made by the Social Problems Club, which, according to the report in the Times, said: "Inviting the Nazi envoy to lecture on the foreign policy of his government and giving him an official reception means not only failing in our duty to oppose the Nazi onslaught on culture and in our duty to defend our German colleague but signifies, if not an open endorsement of the Nazi actions, at least placing their principles on the same level with other viewpoints."

In response, President Butler harrumphed something about how Columbia "does not ask what a man's opinions may be but only whether he is intelligent, honest, and well-mannered in their presentation and discussion.

Well yes, of course. Certainly, we know that Hitler was well-mannered. Uh, except for that little tangent where he exterminated six million Jews.






The devils in our world are always more concerned with aquiring power than they are with increasing prosperity. Therefore, the devils will always fall to fighting amongst themselves over how the power will be divided up.

Meanwhile, those who pursue Freedom will not argue over how to divide up the Freedom, but will instead trust that increased individual liberty for all will naturally expand prosperity for all.

So, no matter how malevolently it bares it fangs, evil is inevitably a house divided against itself. Meanwhile, Freedom is always the progenitor of more freedom, of more properity, and of more happiness.

Fascist Madman,
Poses As
American Leftist
On 60 Minutes

And yet, I'll bet the left has no idea they are being played like a ho' in Vegas.

Click here to watch the video at

Charles notes that Ahmadinejad hit "all the left wing talking points very nicely." He points out this, in particular:

“I think Mr. Bush, if he wants his party to win the next election, there are cheaper ways to go about this. I can very well give him a few ideas so that the people vote for him. He should respect the American people. They should not bug the telephone conversations of their citizens,” the president said. “They should not kill the sons and daughters of the American nation. They should not squander the taxpayers’ money and give them to weapons companies. And also help the people, the victims of Katrina. People will vote for them if they do these things. What I’m saying, I am being very sincere here. I’m a Muslim. I cannot tell a lie.”

You know, I have an idea.

Obama/Ahmadinejad for President 2008.

How does that sound?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Zawinul Syndicate - Indiscretions -
With Richard Bona On Bass

Weather Report - Black Market/Scarlet Woman

Weather Report play the songs Black Market and Scarlet Woman, with the great Jaco Pastorius on bass.