Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"Global Warming Has Stopped"

When I was in college (back in the 80's), I was assured by my college professors that horrible calamities were set to befall us. There was an ice age coming, and we were going to run out of oil by the early 90's.

I believed them.

When the mid-nineties rolled around, I realized I had been duped.

I've never believed in man-made Global Warming. And now, it looks as if I was right:

… The fact is that the global temperature of 2007 is statistically the same as 2006 as well as every year since 2001. Global warming has, temporarily or permanently, ceased. Temperatures across the world are not increasing as they should according to the fundamental theory behind global warming – the greenhouse effect. Something else is happening and it is vital that we find out what or else we may spend hundreds of billions of pounds needlessly.

… For the past decade the world has not warmed. Global warming has stopped. It’s not a viewpoint or a sceptic’s inaccuracy. It’s an observational fact…. So we are led to the conclusion that either the hypothesis of carbon dioxide induced global warming holds but its effects are being modified in what seems to be an improbable though not impossible way, or, and this really is heresy according to some, the working hypothesis does not stand the test of data.


Sadly, it looks as if another Ice Age is on the way.

Posted Fri Oct 5, 2007 6:26pm AEST Updated Fri Oct 5, 2007 7:00pm AEST

Warming around the Greenland ice sheet may impede a 'conveyor belt' effect in the ocean that is currently keeping Europe out of an ice age (File photo). (Reuters/University of Colorado: Konrad Steffen)

Australia is firming as the destination of choice for what are becoming known as climate change refugees.

A new study from the Australian National University (ANU) has found that this country may not be as severely affected by a new ice age as countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Alas, the Ice Age to which they refer is caused by Global Warming.

Ice Age - Global Warming - Ice Age

It's all part of the Circle of Life.