Thursday, January 03, 2008

The More Israel
Gives Away,
The More
Negative Press
They Get

As Charles says at LGF, "Appeasement doesn't work. Who knew?"

Politicians and pundits all assured us that disengaging from Gaza would improve Israel’s image with the media and the international community. Imagine my surprise that the pullout had exactly the opposite effect.

Researchers Dr. Tamir Sheafer and Itai Gabai tracked representations of Israel in the American and British media and found that, despite temporarily finding favor in the media’s eyes directly following disengagement, Israel was generally represented “in a more negative light after the disengagement in comparison to the period that preceded it.”

“We found that one of the main reasons for this phenomenon is that Israel continues to be viewed by the world as a occupying state,” Sheafer explained. “We also found that the demands from Israel for territorial concessions in the Territories not only were not lessened following the disengagement, but actually became stronger.”

Former prime minister Ariel Sharon, speaking before the plan was carried out, had said that “In the wider view, the Disengagement Plan improves our international standing and promotes the chance of peace in our region.”

Shaefer and Gabai gleaned their data from thousands of on-line articles, and statements made by US and British leaders, ministers and politicians on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.