Saturday, February 16, 2008

Betrayal Of The Clerics

From JAR at The Midnight Sun:

Betrayal of the Clerics

February 17th, 2008 by JAR

The world in which we live in, is to a large measure, basically the construct of the Western mind; this is not to say that individuals or even collectives of other groups of people have not contributed, in some small measure, but their contribution is exactly that, in some small measure. The comforts we are surrounded by, the medical advances which grant us healthier, more pain free, and longer lives, the philosophies which bore the ripe fruit of free speech, and its consequent benefits of the rights and freedoms for each and every one of us are entirely derived from Western thought. The creation and accumulation of wealth, which is derived from the Western model, which has raised the standard of living, not just for Westerners, but for untold millions of individuals of other nations, is traced back by descent, directly to the Industrial Revolution, that one great revolution in world history, which has had a more profound and beneficial affect upon humanity than all others combined and yet was not heralded by a grand bloodletting, as in almost all other revolutions, so beloved of academia.

Indeed, it is at one and the same time, interesting and revealing that academia reviles the Industrial Revolution with an irrational loathing, so divorced from reason and logic. It is no accident that the new faith of Global Warming originates and is sustained by many of the academic community. It becomes more apparent by the unfolding of daily events that our so called intellectual betters, are nothing of the sort, but are in actual fact just highly opinionated and vocal petitioners of their own preferred faiths.

The fact that the Western philosophy is the most dominant one on the planet is entirely to do with its ability to grant economic and social blessings to multitudes. Its inherent failings, beside its tendency to excuse shallow thinking as a moral virtue, its emphasis on convenience and economy, belie its great virtues in that it alone has been the engine which has raised the standard of living for much of the population of the planet.

The one aspect of Islamic thought that I am indeed inclined to agree with, is that Western leadership is corrupt to the core, and never more so than in the halls of academia, which the forces of Islam have so easily exposed at the mere cost of 30 pieces of silver.
It is enlightening how eloquently the allusions of the bible are mimicked by the actions of the modern day white’d sepulchers .

That it should be unnecessary to state the above comments, one would think was obvious, but with each unfolding day it becomes apparent that humanity has lost its way, that fear and irrationality are the driving force of much of our world, indeed a fear that lies hidden behind smooth words and a fraudulent compassion, but fear it most assuredly is, for when a high churchman can blather on about ceding rights and privileges to an alien and hostile creed within our homes, and although is excoriated by many, is also defended by many for his open mindedness and inclusive compassion, so open minded in fact that the man’s mind fell out in its entirety, for not only was the archdhimmi granting legitimacy to a faith which is totally antithetical to his own professed belief, but also in those same actions is betraying the very institution he is supposed to be leading…some high churchman, some leader of the flock!

A seemingly overlooked aspect of the archbishops premise continues to be left unsaid, let us point out to those unaware the essential, very important point; where sharia law is instituted, it is to be administered and adjudicated solely by fellow muslims, there can be no non-muslims in the hierarchical structure of anything to do with sharia law. So those apologists who grant credence to the argument are excluded from any further part in the discussion and direction upon the granting of legitimacy of such a parallel right for sharia law within the Western polity.

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