Monday, February 18, 2008

German Professors:
Nazis "Helped"
Establish Israel

Jihad-professing Islamists and Holocaust-denying Nazi-sympathizers have long been saying that the Zionist-project of establishing Israel as a homeland for the Jews is the work of Nazis and Jews conspiring together.

(For instance, you can read here that "The Jews in Palestine even allied with the Nazis against Britain in World War II, to instigate the creation of Israel." Or, here is an example of the same lie being put forth by an Islamic anti-Semite.)

The fact of the matter is it was the Islamists who conspired with the Nazis against the Jews. See here, for a history of the Grand Mufti al-Husseini and his establishment of Islamic Nazi armed forces in the Palestinian territories during World War II.

Now, a group of German professors are joining in by adding to the propagation of this abominable lie:

Twenty-five German professors have signed a letter in which they argue that the Nazis helped to establish the State of Israel, that Germany has therefore paid its debt to the world, and should be 'neutral' as between Israel and the Arabs. You can't make this stuff up.

25 German professors co-signed a manifesto calling on Germany to stop giving Israel "preferential treatment," because, among other reasons, the country "helped" establish Israel by expelling Jews from Germany during the rule of the Third Reich.

Approximately 160,000 Jews who were expelled from Nazi Germany ended up in the British mandate of Palestine and strengthened the Jewish presence here at the expense of the Arab population, they claimed.

Visiting in Israel as guests of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and the Academic College of Netanya, four German professors were debating their claims with Israeli academics who opposed them.

They claimed that approximately 160,000 Jews who arrived in mandatory Palestine enlarged Jewish control of the land from just six percent during the British mandate to approximately 60% after the War of Independence. Additionally, the Germans said their country has "paid off" its debt to the Jewish people by the sums it had given the Israeli government and survivors until today.

They admitted that the Holocaust was, nevertheless, an indelible stain in Germany's history.

The professors called on the German government to improve its relations with Arab countries by adopting an "evenhanded" approach to both Israelis and Arabs.

The debate was initiated by Dov Ben Meir, one of the heads of the Center for Strategic Dialogue at the college and formerly chairman Knesset. Prof. Moshe Zimmerman, an expert on German history, was also sitting on the Israeli side.

Ben Meir published his own counter-manifesto, rebuking the Germans' claims one by one.

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