Tuesday, March 18, 2008

U.S. Ambassador
Jews Might
Have To Start
Moving Out
Of Jerusalem

From Israel Matzav:

It was widely reported yesterday that US ambassador to Israel Richard Jones
suggested that those living in overcrowded Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) neighborhoods
in Jerusalem
have to move elsewhere

"Sometimes people do have
to move to a different location. They cannot always stay close to their
families."The 'hint' was that Jews might have to move out of a (God forbid)
divided Jerusalem if the city is unable to build new housing and expand to
accommodate them. That comment was bad enough. But Jones made another comment
yesterday while on the same 'tour' that was
widely reported

During a tour through the
fervently religious Mea She'arim neighborhood of Jerusalem Monday, US Ambassador
to Israel Richard H. Jones compared the haredi community to religious
communities in Saudi Arabia....

"Well, there are a lot
of similarities, more than you would think," said Jones during a tour on foot of
various haredi institutions. "Particularly, I served five years in Saudi Arabia
and many of the religious practices are quite similar to Orthodox

Go read the rest over at Israel Matzav.

Why is it that American officials don't make such statements to Palestinians? When Israel decided to cease the military occupation of Gaza, all the Jews had to leave.

Why is this?

It's because Palestinians hate Jews and don't want to live with them, so all the Jews have to go. The land must be "Jew-free."

If you don't believe Palestinians, in general, hate Jews, then watch the videos in this link. There is no clearer explication of Palestinian Jew-hatred.

And, let us be clear, there is no equivalent hatred of Palestinians by Jews. There are no Israeli TV shows exhorting Palestinian children to kill Jews. There are no major Israeli political parties who charters call for "Death to the Palestinians." And, the Jewish religion does not speak of a Judgement Day upon which all Palestinians will be killed.

Palestinian society, as it is fed by the Islam of the Koran, is a murderous Jew-hating society. It is the virtual equivalent of Nazi Germany.

When we are faced with such evil, we are no longer dealing in the realm of political disputes, but we instead enter the territory of morality. The solution will not be reached through political compromise. The solution will only be brought about by a change of heart in the Islamic culture of the Palestinian territories.

Such changes of heart are only brought about through war, or Divine Intervention.