Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Intelligent Design Argument

A guy over at Little Green Footballs posted the following:

Science searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, but isn’t that just non-science? Not unless its ID.

That's a very interesting assertion. However, I don't think I agree with the guy's point.

I am inclined to believe that ID is not science, as it can never irrefutably find a first cause. For instance, even if Scientists found the actual fingerprints of God, and then found God sitting in a Laboratory up behind Mars, and could, then, match the fingerprints to God, they still wouldn't be able to know He was the real God, the real First Cause, other than by faith.
I think God had some wisdom for us to learn in structuring things in such a way that we must accept things on faith. I think it has to do with Free Will.

If we actually knew the Truth, absolutely, then we would have no choice, would we? That's the way Muslims think. They know the truth, and there is no discussion about it. If you violate the truth, you are dead. No free will involved.
Within the Judeo-Christian paradigm, even though we know the words in the Bible, we are never quite sure how to apply them. Murder is a sin, but killing is not. So, when we kill in war, is it murder, or is it justified killing? We think we know, but ultimately, we do not.

So, we have to make a choice based on Faith.

The wisdom of God is foolishness to man, but we would have it no other way.