Friday, May 02, 2008

Terry Reid At The Glastonbury Faire - 1971

My friend Michael sends me links to news stories most every day. He is a great help to me. He has a real eye for the epochal.

The other day he told me about an old friend of his named Terry Reid. Terry was a rock n' roll singer who, according to Michael had turned down gigs with both Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple in short order.

I thought this might have just been one of those trivial pursuit, has-been stories, kind of like musing over Pete Best or Stu Sutcliffe, neither of whom really mattered, at all, to what the Beatles eventually became.

I called up a friend of mine who is a record producer and asked him if he'd ever heard of Terry Reid. "Yes," he said. He had seen him around from time to time.

"The guy was good."

Hmm, good? What does that mean?

Then, Michael sent me this video.

Jesus Christ, how could I have not known about this guy? Really, Deep Purple would have been better with Terry Reid, and Zeppelin would have been different, but possibly not better!

Check it out.