Friday, May 02, 2008

Terry Reid At The Glastonbury Faire - 1971

My friend Michael sends me links to news stories most every day. He is a great help to me. He has a real eye for the epochal.

The other day he told me about an old friend of his named Terry Reid. Terry was a rock n' roll singer who, according to Michael had turned down gigs with both Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple in short order.

I thought this might have just been one of those trivial pursuit, has-been stories, kind of like musing over Pete Best or Stu Sutcliffe, neither of whom really mattered, at all, to what the Beatles eventually became.

I called up a friend of mine who is a record producer and asked him if he'd ever heard of Terry Reid. "Yes," he said. He had seen him around from time to time.

"The guy was good."

Hmm, good? What does that mean?

Then, Michael sent me this video.

Jesus Christ, how could I have not known about this guy? Really, Deep Purple would have been better with Terry Reid, and Zeppelin would have been different, but possibly not better!

Check it out.

Interview With Sudanese Ex-Slave Simon Deng

The Islamic Jihadis in the Sudan, under the onus of the Arab-Muslim government, are enslaving and murdering black Christians, Animists, and Sufis. This is, often, called the Darfur Crisis, though, some would call it the Sudanese Genocide.

The world's media does not acknowledge that the "Crisis" is being perpetrated in the name of Islam, as a Jihad against Infidels.

I believe it would help the people of the West to understand that the force behind the genocide is the same force that led to the desruction of the World Trade Center, the Beslan Massacre, the 7/7 bombings in London, the 3/11 bombings in Madrid, the beheading of Christian school girls in Indonesia, the kidnapping of Christian Missionaries in the Phillipines, the suicide bombings of Jews in Israel, the suicide bombings of innocent pro-Western Muslims in Iraq, and countless other acts of cruelty and terror around the world.

Since 9/11/2001, Muslim Jihadists have perpetrated over 11,000 acts of terrorism.

Watch as Simon Deng testifies to his experience with the Muslim Jihadists in Sudan.

Oh, My Genitals

The song, Janitor, from the forgotten band, The Suburban Lawns.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hamas TV: Jewish Leaders Planned the Holocaust

From Little Green Footballs:

The friends of Jimmy Carter broadcast an “educational program” on Hamas TV recently, explaining that Jewish leaders planned the Holocaust.

Jewish leaders planned the Holocaust to kill “disabled and handicapped” Jews to avoid having to care for them, according to a Hamas TV educational program. As much of the world prepared to commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Hamas TV presented its latest sinister twist on Holocaust denial.

The Hamas TV educational program, broadcast last week, taught that the murder of Jews in the Holocaust was a Zionist plot with two goals:
1- To eliminate “disabled and handicapped” Jews by sending them to death camps, so they would not be a burden on the future state of Israel.
2- At the same time, the Holocaust served to make “the Jews seem persecuted” so they could “benefit from international sympathy.”

Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian “Center for Strategic Research” explained that “the Israeli Holocaust - the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that [Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister] Ben Gurion put on.” The “young energetic and able” were sent to Israel, while the handicapped were sent “so there would be a Holocaust.”

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, by the way.

The Intelligent Design Argument

A guy over at Little Green Footballs posted the following:

Science searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, but isn’t that just non-science? Not unless its ID.

That's a very interesting assertion. However, I don't think I agree with the guy's point.

I am inclined to believe that ID is not science, as it can never irrefutably find a first cause. For instance, even if Scientists found the actual fingerprints of God, and then found God sitting in a Laboratory up behind Mars, and could, then, match the fingerprints to God, they still wouldn't be able to know He was the real God, the real First Cause, other than by faith.
I think God had some wisdom for us to learn in structuring things in such a way that we must accept things on faith. I think it has to do with Free Will.

If we actually knew the Truth, absolutely, then we would have no choice, would we? That's the way Muslims think. They know the truth, and there is no discussion about it. If you violate the truth, you are dead. No free will involved.
Within the Judeo-Christian paradigm, even though we know the words in the Bible, we are never quite sure how to apply them. Murder is a sin, but killing is not. So, when we kill in war, is it murder, or is it justified killing? We think we know, but ultimately, we do not.

So, we have to make a choice based on Faith.

The wisdom of God is foolishness to man, but we would have it no other way.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Is "The New Anti-Semitism?"

This blog is called Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism (CUANAS). Many people are not aware that a new form of anti-Semitism has roared to life in our world. When most people hear the phrase anti-Semitism, they immediately think of Nazis, and skinheads.

But, each generation evil mutates, like a virus, so that it can evade the anti-bodies which society had built up against previous ills.

From Aish:

On 27 January 2000, heads of state or senior representatives of 44 governments met in Stockholm to commit themselves to a continuing program of Holocaust remembrance and the fight against anti-Semitism. Barely two years later, synagogues and Jewish schools in France and Belgium were being firebombed, and Jews were being attacked in the streets.

The distinguished Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Joseph Sitruk, advised Jews not to wear yarmulkas in the street. The French Jewish intellectual Alain Finkielkraut wrote, 'The hearts of the Jews are heavy. For the first time since the war, they are afraid.' Shmuel Trigano, professor of sociology at the University of Paris, openly questioned whether there was a future for Jews in France. Never again had become ever again.

On 28 February 2002 I gave my first speech on the new anti-Semitism. Never before had I spoken on the subject. I had grown up without a single experience of anti-Semitism. I believed, and still do, that the whole enterprise of basing Jewish identity on memories of persecution was a mistake. The distinguished Holocaust historian Lucy Dawidowicz reached the same conclusion at the end of her life. She warned of the danger of a whole generation of children growing up knowing about the Greeks and how they lived, the Romans and how they lived, the Jews and how they died.

The return of anti-Semitism, after 60 years of Holocaust education, interfaith dialogue and antiracist legislation is a major event in the history of the world. Far-sighted historians like Bernard Lewis and Robert Wistrich had been sounding the warning since the 1980s. Already in the 1990s, Harvard literary scholar Ruth Wisse argued that antisemitism was the most successful ideology of the twentieth century. German fascism, she said, came and went. Soviet communism came and went. Anti-Semitism came and stayed.

It is wrong to exaggerate. We are not now where Jews were in the 1930s. Nor are Jews today what our ancestors were: defenseless, powerless and without a collective home. The State of Israel has transformed the situation for Jews everywhere.

What is necessary now is simply to understand the situation and sound a warning. That is what Moses Hess did in 1862, Judah Leib Pinsker in 1882 and Theodor Herzl in 1896: 71, 51 and 37 years respectively before Hitler's rise to power. To understand is to begin to know how to respond, with open eyes and without fear.

Today's anti-Semitism is a new phenomenon, continuous with, yet significantly different from the past. To fathom the transformation, we must first define what anti-Semitism is. In the past Jews were hated because they were rich and because they were poor; because they were capitalists (Marx) and because they were communists (Hitler); because they kept to themselves and because they infiltrated everywhere; because they held tenaciously to a superstitious faith (Voltaire) and because they were rootless cosmopolitans who believed nothing (Stalin).

Anti-Semitism is not an ideology, a coherent set of beliefs. It is, in fact, an endless stream of contradictions. The best way of understanding it is to see it as a virus. Viruses attack the human body, but the body itself has an immensely sophisticated defense, the human immune system. How then do viruses survive and flourish? By mutating. Anti-Semitism mutates, and in so doing, defeats the immune systems set up by cultures to protect themselves against hatred. There have been three such mutations in the past two thousand years, and we are living through the fourth.

The first took place with the birth of Christianity. Before then there had been many Hellenistic writers who were hostile to Jews. But they were also dismissive of other non-Hellenistic peoples. The Greeks called them barbarians. There was nothing personal in their attacks on Jews. This was not anti-Semitism. It was xenophobia.

This changed with Christianity. As was later to happen with Islam, the founders of the new faith, largely based on Judaism itself, believed that Jews would join the new dispensation and were scandalized when they did not. Jews were held guilty of not recognizing -- worst still, of being complicit in the death of - the messiah. A strand of Judeophobia entered Christianity in some of its earliest texts, and became a fully-fledged genre, the 'Adversos Judaeos' literature, in the days of the Church Fathers. From here on, Jews - not non-Christians in general -- became the target of what Jules Isaac called the 'teaching of contempt'.

The second mutation began in 1096 when the Crusaders, on their way to conquer Jerusalem, stopped to massacre Jewish communities in Worms, Speyer and Mainz, the first major European pogrom. In 1144 in Norwich there was the first Blood Libel, a myth that still exists today in parts of the Middle East. Religious Judeophobia became demonic. Jews were no longer just the people who rejected Christianity. They began to be seen as a malevolent force, killing children, desecrating the host, poisoning wells and spreading the plague. There were forced conversions, inquisitions, burnings at the stake, staged public disputations, book burnings and expulsions. Europe had become a 'persecuting society'.

We can date the third mutation to 1879 when the German journalist Wilhelm Marr coined a new word: anti-Semitism. The fact that he needed to do so tells us that this was a new phenomenon. It emerged in an age of Enlightenment, the secular nation state, liberalism and emancipation. Religious prejudice was deemed to be a thing of the past. The new hatred had therefore to justify itself on quite different grounds, namely race. This was a fateful development, because you can change your religion. You cannot change your race. Christians could work for the conversion of the Jews. Racists could only work for the extermination of the Jews. So the Holocaust was born. Sixty years after the word came the deed.

Today we are living through the fourth mutation. Unlike its predecessors, the new anti-Semitism focuses not on Judaism as a religion, nor on Jews as a race, but on Jews as a nation.

It consists of three propositions. First, alone of the 192 nations making up the United Nations, Jews are not entitled to a state of their own. As Amos Oz noted: in the 1930s, anti-Semites declared, 'Jews to Palestine'. Today they shout, 'Jews out of Palestine'. He said: they don't want us to be there; they don't want us to be here; they don't want us to be.

The second is that Jews or the State of Israel (the terms are often used interchangeably) are responsible for the evils of the world, from AIDS to global warming. All the old anti-Semitic myths have been recycled, from the Blood Libel to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, still a best-seller in many parts of the world.

The third is that all Jews are Zionists and therefore legitimate objects of attack. The bomb attacks on synagogues in Istanbul and Djerba, the arson attacks on Jewish schools in Europe, and the almost fatal stabbing of a young yeshiva student on a bus in North London in October 2000, were on Jewish targets, not Israeli ones. The new anti-Semitism is an attack on Jews as a nation seeking to exist as a nation like every other on the face of the earth, with rights of self-governance and self-defense.

How did it penetrate the most sophisticated immune system ever constructed -- the entire panoply of international measures designed to ensure that nothing like the Holocaust would ever happen again, from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) to the Stockholm declaration of 2000? The answer lies in the mode of self-justification. Most people at most times feel a residual guilt at hating the innocent. Therefore anti-Semitism has always had to find legitimation in the most prestigious source of authority at any given time.

In the first centuries of the Common Era, and again in the Middle Ages, this was religion. That is why Judeophobia took the form of religious doctrine. In the nineteenth century, religion had lost prestige, and the supreme authority was now science. Racial anti-Semitism was duly based on two pseudo-sciences, social Darwinism (the idea that in society, as in nature, the strong survive by eliminating the weak) and the so-called scientific study of race. By the late twentieth century, science had lost its prestige, having given us the power to destroy life on earth. Today the supreme source of legitimacy is human rights. That is why Jews (or the Jewish state) are accused of the five primal sins against human rights: racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide and crimes against humanity.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Voice Of
Racial Hatred
Rings From
The Christian

From J.R. at the Astute Bloggers:

If you haven't listened to Jeremiah Wright's hate sermons at Hugh Hewitt's website, you must do so. Every American with open eyes and ears has to listen to the voice of racial hatred, coming not from the Klan but from a clergyman of the Christian Left.

Reading his words isn't enough, because you won't hear the unmistakable meaning of his vocal intonations. If you are a person of good will you will feel upset. But it's of the utmost importance to understand this moment of truth. Because Jeremiah Wright -- the respectful word "Reverend" seems grotesquely out of place now -- is shouting out the slander catechism of the Left. His sermons say exactly what other Leftists say in calm voices, over and over again.

Mr. Wright just does it with real, raw hatred, and every new slam is cheered on by his jubilant congregation. His is not a lone voice. He just sings the music to fit the words. We have been nursing a viper in our national bosom.

Seven years after September 11, 2001, this is the moment of truth, when the Left must finally decide what side it's on. Wright's sermons may signal the end of the Obama campaign, and they may mean the breakup of the Democratic Party as we know it.

I don't see how any centrist Democrat can still belong to this party if Obama is its nominee.

Jeremiah Wright may mean the historical end of the Civil Rights Era, because fifty years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Left's presumption of victimhood and innocence is now gone. The Rev is only the visible bulge of this lethal political tumor. This is Saul Alinsky's sociopathic teachings on display, and this is what Hillary Clinton learned back at Wellesley College. It is the voice of feminists who hate all men, and of radicalized blacks who hate all whites.

More here

From Hot Air:

Barack Obama’s torment continues as more excerpts from Jeremiah Wright’s appearance at the National Press Club today hits the Internet. This question and answer attempts to rehabilitate Louis Farrakhan by pretending that everything negative the Nation of Islam leader said about Jews was meant in the context of Zionism only.

Click here for video.

Really? The ADL has a few more quotes than just the 1988 speech that Wright mentions, and a lot more recent as well:

“Do you know some of these satanic Jews have taken over BET?… Everything that we built, they have. The mind of Satan now is running the record industry, movie industry and television. And they make us look like we’re the murders; we look like we’re the gangsters, but we’re punk stuff.”
“Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth in Peril (Part 3)” speech at Mosque Maryam, 11/11/07

“The real anti-Semites are those who came out of Europe and settled in Palestine, and now they call themselves the true Jews, when in fact, they converted to Judaism.”
Al Jazeera TV interview, 3/18/07

“These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood that is seeding the American people and the people of the world and bringing you down in moral strength…It’s the wicked Jews the false Jews that are promoting Lesbianism, homosexuality. It’s wicked Jews, false Jews that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic!”
Saviours’ Day, Chicago, Illinois, 2/26/06

“I’m not an anti-Semite, I never have been one. I do not hate the Jewish people; put that down! What I hate is the degree of control that they exercise over Black intellectual, cultural expression. I do not think that no human being should determine how high we can go, that can only be determined by God and by us; not by no white man, no black man, no human being [crowd cheers].”
Millions More Movement rally, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 8/31/05

Wright has to be kidding if he thinks that people can’t find Farrakhan’s public speeches on Jews and see for themselves his rampant anti-Semitism. And Team Obama has to wonder when Wright will stop shooting his mouth off in public.

Update (AP): No wonder he’s fond of Farrakhan. The man provides him with his security.

In front of 30 television cameras, Wright’s audience cheered him on as the minister mocked the media and, at one point, did a little victory dance on the podium. It seemed as if Wright, jokingly offering himself as Obama’s vice president, was actually trying to doom Obama; a member of the head table, American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s