Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wealth of Papers from Recent Artificial General Intelligence Conference Held on Google Mountain View Campus

From Al Fin:
Brian Wang presents a nice overview of the recent 4th Conference on AGI, held in the heart of Silicon Valley. This year's AGI conference seems to represent an important evolution in much of the thinking in the AGI field, with a growing depth and sophistication of approach to the problems involved.

To get a better idea of what I am talking about, here are links to most of the papers presented at the conference.

And here are papers from a special workshop on "Self Programming in AGI Systems"

Videos from 3rd Conference on AGI

Artificial general intelligence of human level or higher, would be a radically disruptive technology to modern societies. Along with breakthroughs in scalable robotics, universal nano-assemblers, and a mastery of biological gene expression, a breakthrough in AGI would quickly overhaul most of the bases of modern economics and most other important foundations of everyday life in high tech societies.

Al Fin cognitive scientists have presented many criticisms to mainstream AI approaches -- particularly to the idea that human intelligence can be represented algorithmically. One of the papers presented at this year's AGI conference elaborates on this idea: "Real World Limits to Algorithmic Intelligence"

The biological basis of mathematical competencies is an interesting look by Aaron Sloman at the development of spatial and mathematical concepts in humans. (via Brian Wang) Sloman touches on the idea of the non-verbal or pre-verbal metaphor, an important key to understanding human learning and thought.

Overall, Al Fin cognitive scientists are pleased at the direction the AGI movement is taking, on the basis of the AGI-4 papers they have read, and on the topics covered generally.

There is no doubt a great deal of hidden treasure in the many papers provided at the conference links above. For those who find this sort of thing interesting, enjoy.